Office Insurance

Uniquely tailored office insurance cover for any size of office and any type of business.

Our office insurance can cover buildings and contents through business interruption, computer breakdown, legal expenses and your liabilities. With some of our insurers you will also have access to a dedicated risk management service - helping you take the risk out of running your office.

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Office insurance features

  • Accidental damage cover

  • Business interruption

  • Theft

  • Computer breakdown

  • Legal expenses

  • Products liability up to £5 million

  • Employers' liability with a limit of indemnity of £10 million

  • Public liability insurance with a limit of indemnity up to £5 million

  • Up to £15,000 cover for frozen or chilled foods and up to £5,000 for any other perishable goods

Prefer to spread the cost of your policy?

Paying by direct debit is an affordable and convenient way to pay for your policy. Through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL)*, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments.

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

*To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.


Office insurance exclusions

  • Policy excess as shown in your policy documents

  • Computer inefficacy

  • Breach of professional duty

  • Damage to business files resulting in erasure or distortion of information on computer systems

Exclusions vary depending on the type of cover chosen within your office insurance. 

These are just some of the key exclusions/limitations, full details will be found in policy wordings.


Office insurance FAQs

Can you cover my equipment outside of the office?

Yes we are able to offer an "All Risks" section to our office package. This will cover items taken outside of the insured business premises i.e. a laptop used for external meetings.

Do I have to be trading for a number of years to be able to get cover?

No, our range of insurance packages enables us to deliver the right solution for both start ups as well as established businesses.

I work from home, do I still need an office insurance policy?

Yes. You will need to cover your business equipment if this is not covered by your home insurance. You will also need to cover your liabilities resulting from your business activities (this is excluded from most home insurance policies).

Water has leaked into my shop from the flat upstairs. Do I need to advise my own insurers or shall I just claim against the upstairs neighbours?

You should notify your insurers of any damage to your property even if you think someone else may be responsible. Do not assume that just because the damage was caused by someone else that they are legally liable. The law allows for genuine and fortuitous events and also bear in mind that they might not be insured or in a financial position to pay for your damage.

Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?

If you want to know more about our monthly payment option, please read our dedicated page on Direct Debit.


Office insurance claims promise

With Towergate you can be confident that, in the event of the worst happening, your claim will be handled by a dedicated claims team offering the exemplary, fast and efficient service that we expect from our own teams and from our partners.

Simply contact the office claims team using the details within your policy documents, or call us on 0844 892 1384 and we will put you through to the claims team. They will talk with you about your claim, guiding you through your next steps and taking you through the process.

Furthermore, if you feel you need additional support or if you have concerns about the progression of your claim, our in house team are always on hand to help.

Customer Reviews (1916)

Customers rate our service at 93%

Based on 1916 independent customer reviews.

DateProductScoreCustomer Comment

Shop Insurance (Renewal)



Shop Insurance (Renewal)


Very good service speedy and knowledgeable.

Have been with Towergate 6 years no other insurer can touch them for service and price. We produce a schedule of our needs and send it to whom contacts us asking if they may quote.
Some of the quotes are ridiculous

Shop Insurance (Renewal)


As usual their attention to detail is rubbish at best however I struggle to find a company that competes with them on price.

Landlord Insurance (New Policy Holder)



Landlords Insurance (Renewal)


Absolutely fine

Home Business Insurance (Renewal)


Took a ridiculous time to arrange my present cover. Original enquiry was back in Oct 14 leaving, what I thought was plenty of time to get things sorted in time for my business move at the beginning of Jan 15 but no, it was late Jan before it was finally sorted. Pleased with the cover offered considering no other companies seemed interested in helping me though just a shame I am now on first name terms with just about everyone at FSB Insurance following all my chase-up calls!

Landlords Insurance (Renewal)


Good service so far. No claim made yet so can't comment on this as yet.

Landlords Insurance (New Policy Holder)


Very Good, But far too many questions to get a quote!!10-15 mins on phone is too long and i think unnecessary. But we still love towergate.

Landlords Insurance (Renewal)


I managed to do a deal with them as I felt that their admin charge was unnecessarily high. As a result I am a happy customer.

Home Business Insurance (Renewal)


It's insurance, so it's pointless to seek my opinion until I actually have to claim - I hope it never happens, but if it does then that's the point at which my opinion of your service actually means something.

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