Anti-theft advice for jet ski owners

What can you do to better protect you beloved jet-ski? In this video we look at anti-theft devices you can use to protect your jet ski from thieves. Watch to find out more.

Anti-theft advice for jet ski owners - Video transcript

Hi my name is Edward and I am an advisor at Towergate Insurance.

In this video we’ll take run through some advice on how to protect your jet ski from theft.

As jet skis are such desirable items, this sadly could also make them a target for thieves. Whilst our insurance can cover you against theft even whilst in transit, we hope you’ll never need to claim for theft and we’d like to offer some top tips on how to outsmart the crooks.

In terms of storing your jet ski we recommend it is kept at home in a locked building such as a garage. If you are insuring with Towergate this is a requirement of our insurance and we will not be able to offer cover if the jet ski is stored elsewhere and is stolen unless we have already pre-agreed an alternative location.

When you’re out on the road, you can also take some simple steps to protect your jet ski. Make sure you always put a wheel clamp on your trailer even if you’re only leaving it alone for a few moments. It’s also a good idea to keep a spare tyre for your trailer. One tactic used by thieves is to puncture the tyre on the trailer in the hope that you’ll have to leave your jet ski alone whilst you source a new tyre.

Finally, be aware of strangers asking you too many questions about where you live, and where you keep your jet ski. If you don’t want to be rude, only give generic answers.

If you have any questions about jet ski insurance, get in touch with one of our helpful advisers or browse the site for more info.

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