Best Indoor Games for a Rainy Caravan Holiday

Don't let the weather ruin your caravan holiday! Rain or shine, these games are suitable entertainment for you and your camping companions.

Card games to play in a caravan

Small in size and offering an abundance of games, cards are a true caravan essential. 

Board games to play in your caravan

It’s true, board games take up a little more packing space, but they do allow for more developed games, with many different themes. Here are a selection of caravan board games for you to choose from:

Classic games to play in your caravan

Some games stand the test of time, and some newer ones are so well loved they surely will too! Below is a list of our favourite classic games we think all caravans should stock.

Outdoor games to play with your family

What about when the weather is good and you want everyone out in the sun? We’ve got some great suggestions for outdoor games for children and adults alike.

Are you space-saving crazy? Or maybe you just haven’t prepared any games before your holiday? Maybe you forgot them, or are just looking to save some money to spend on ice creams? That’s not a worry at all! Some of the best games don’t involve any props, equipment, planning or purchasing – here are our favourites:

One player games for the caravan

Sometimes you just want to relax by yourself, and for others there are times when everyone else is out for the day and you can play a quick game in peace. Here are our favourite one player games everyone can enjoy.