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Static caravan resiting costs explained

What does resiting a static caravan entail and how does if affect your insurance. We answer these questions and more in our new video. Click to find out more.

Resiting a static caravan - Video transcript

Hi my name is Edward and I’m an advisor for Towergate Insurance.

In this video we’ll run through what resiting costs are and why it’s important to include them in your sums insured for your static caravan.

When we talk with customers about insuring static caravans there are a few factors we ask them to consider.

Alongside values for the static caravan itself and the contents you may need to include, you can also include the cost of resiting the static caravan in your sum insured. It’s a figure that most static caravan owners forget to consider but is something that will be asked by most companies when you call through to get a quote.

So what is resiting?

If you were to have a total loss, for example if a fire were to occur and your static caravan needed replacing completely, it would be the cost of;

  • removing any debris
  • getting the ground back to a good standard pitch
  • and getting the replacement static caravan attached to the mains services

So all in all, it’s the extra cost of getting the static caravan back up and running for you.

So how much does resiting cost?

Unfortunately this is not something we can answer.

Resiting costs vary from park to park and may increase if you have a larger static caravan or luxury lodge. The best way to find out the cost of resting your caravan is to speak with the owner or manager at the holiday park. They should be able to provide a figure based on their experience in getting caravans sited themselves.

Once you have found out the figure for resiting on your park, it can be included in your sums insured and if you need to claim, you know that you have some of the cover there. 

If you need a quote for your static caravan, or about your static caravan insurance, call the team or visit the Towergate website.

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