How to Create a Vintage Caravan Interior

Anyone who owns a caravan knows that it’s much more than just a mode of transport; it's your own portable canvas and yours to make feel like home wherever you are. From seating and bedding, to entertainment and gadgets, there are a vast range of options out there to get you started.

In recent years, touring caravans have gained a reputation as a stylish and deceptively boutique way to travel, whilst static caravans also give you the opportunity to create all the comforting qualities associated with your perfect home. One of the most admired themes to become popular recently is vintage, a design style that has progressively become more of a modern day trend.

There has been a huge resurgence of interest to transform the classic caravan look into a chic Cath Kidston style with huge ranges of classical pieces to choose from such as floral wallpaper, to antiques. Some common elements to consider are: classic typography techniques, rustic textures and pastel colours, busy prints and intricate floral patterns.

The key to achieving a unique design that works for your caravan is having a clear budget and an understanding of what you would like to achieve, stylistically and in terms of colour scheme. Note: caravans are small spaces; light, neutral colours create the illusion of space, whilst darker colours may make your caravan feel smaller.

Simple hacks to make your caravan as functional as it is stylish

Hopefully we’ve got your creative juices flowing, now it’s time to go and get started. So remember choose a theme, do your research and get creative - and don't forget about caravan insurance!


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