‘Towergate in Bloom’ Garden competition winner announced

Towergate Patrick is proud to announce the winner of this year’s ‘Towergate in Bloom’ garden competition. Our three judges have reviewed all of the fantastic entries submitted throughout the Summer and have decided on the final winner...

Towergate Patrick is proud to announce the winner of this year's 'Towergate in Bloom' garden competition is ... Castlemead Court Care Centre!

Towergate in Bloom Winner

Our three judges, Susan Lee, Jason Claydon and Kim Grove, an award winning gardener herself, reviewed all of the fantastic entries submitted through out the Summer months. The following criteria was looked at; activities undertaken in the garden; how the home utilised their garden; how they got service users involved in garden activities; the accessibility of the garden and finally; if and how the community were involved.

All judges found Castlemead were innovative in the design of their garden, placing raised flower beds so all service users could access them regardless of mobility, as well using decking and introducing ramps to make mobility easier. Castlemead also utilises an allotment which they have found to be very beneficial with easing the symptoms of dementia, as well as growing their own herbs and vegetables within the garden to feed their resident Tortoises, Wilson and Ozzy.

Castlemead used a range of seasonal flowers within their garden so the outdoor space could be enjoyed throughout the year and most importantly, they get the local community involved in activity days held in the garden.

All entries were of such a high standard, we decided to award a second and third place. We are delighted to announce Eryl Fryn Care Home came in second place and The Fircroft Trust came in third place. The judges found it was an extremely close competition because of the innovative ideas the homes had used. Eryl Fryn showed the transformation of their homes' garden and how the residents were all closely involved in this process. The Fircroft Trust set up a gardening project in which service users produced hanging baskets to sell to the local community.

It was great to see so many care providers enter the competition and share their stories and photos with us. So often care providers do not utilise their outdoor space which can benefit the people in their care providing them with fresh air as well as fond memories.

After receiving such a good response from a variety of providers we will be holding the 'Towergate in Bloom' Garden Competition annually so make sure you get pruning for next year!!

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