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Rachaele Hambleton AKA Part-Time Working Mummy is the author of successful blog “Part-Time Working Mummy”, as well as a part-time facilities manager in the private care sector and mum to three daughters and two stepsons. She is sponsoring a new award at Towergate's 2017 Care Awards: the Part-Time Working Mummy Award - People's Choice for Unsung Hero

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Rachaele Hambleton is the author of successful blog “Part-Time Working Mummy”, as well as a part-time facilities manager in the private care sector and mum to three daughters and two stepsons.

She started the blog out in the hope that readers could share their stories, advice and experiences together. It came about after she wrote a Facebook blog post in January 2016, about how over the past ten years, she’d seen a lady walking her children to school, across the Shaldon Bridge, Torquay. In this post, she thanked the woman for inspiring her and making her realise she should be spending more time with her own children. This post quickly went viral and was covered in the national press.

Since then, her posts have been covered in many media outlets – from how she helped a young mum outside a baby store, who was having a “what have I done” moment with a screaming baby, to taboo subjects such as domestic abuse, suicide and baby loss. Her blog posts illustrate those anecdotal, crazy stories about everyday life, putting succinctly into words what thousands of mums – and dads – think and experience every day. Over the past nine months, the blog and followers have grown rapidly, with a quarter of a million of her ‘crew’ sharing happy and devastating stories of love and loss; essentially sharing what it’s like to simply be a parent.

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Part-Time Working Mummy

I am honoured to be involved in the 2017 Towergate Care awards and I am looking forward to having a category dedicated to everyday heroes - people who help others because they simply care.

Earlier this year, I began a blog on Facebook titled ‘Part-time working Mummy.’ I created this page to help others; so we could build a crew of people to support one another through life’s trials and tribulations. Since this blog has happened we've had people all over the world publicly sharing their stories; from a lady who had to escape her violent ex-partner, to a man who had to raise his sons alone as his wife died during childbirth. We now have almost 250,000 men and women supporting each other all over the world and it constantly restores my faith in humanity.

I believe people should be given recognition for caring for others as caring can be the toughest job. However, I believe it's the most rewarding one anyone can ever do, whether you're a mother raising a child, a child caring for a parent, a paid carer or a volunteer; it helps make the world a better place. The education sector is incredibly broad, and there are many within it who may never have been truly celebrated in the way that they deserve. The efforts of individuals in this sector cannot be underestimated, and so this award celebrates those who really do change lives and shape the minds of the future.

Rachaele Hambleton, Part-Time Working Mummy

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