Brands / trading names covered

Trading names of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited

2020 Insurance Services
AA Caravan Insurance Services and AA Leisure Home Insurance Services
AA Holiday Home Insurance Services
AA Leisure Home Insurance Services
Affordable Car hire
Affordable Travel Group
Affordable Xtras
Aggregate Industries Insurance
Alcumus SafeContractor Insurance Service
Archaeology and Heritage Insurance Division
Azudrive Van
Bakers Of Cheltenham
BIB (Darlington)
BIB Insurance Brokers
BIRA Insurance
Bishop Skinner Insurance Brokers
Boat Quotes
Brew Solutions
Broker Network Underwriting
Car Insurance Blog
Caravan Owners Club
Caravan Times
Competition Car Insurance
Daily excess
Elecsa insurance
Elecsa Insurance Services
Elite Rowing
Ellis Bates Insurance Brokers
Excess 4 car hire
Exclusive Home Insurance
Fair Pay
Fair Pay Insurance
FairPay Insurance
Fenton Insurance Solutions
Fleetcare +
Flexx Caravan Insurance
Footman James
Foreman Bassett
Foreman Bassett (Schemes)
Four Counties Insurance Brokers
Fraser Tennant
FSB Insurance Service
FSB Insurance services
Fusion Insurance Services
Green Caravan Insurance
Holiday Cottages Insurance
Home Relocation Insurance
Home Removal Insurance
House Relocation Insurance
House Removal Insurance
HTA Insurance Services
iBoat Marine Insurance
Ideal Home Show Insurance
iKube Insurance
Insurance 4 Boats
Insurance 4 Car Hire
Insurance 4 gadgets
Insurance 4 holidays
Insurance for all
Insurance for coaches
Insurance Guard UK
Insure 4 Excess
Insure my car hire
insure my move
Insure my van hire
Insuring Business
iRIB Marine Insurance
JBI Insurance Brokers
JBI International Insurance Brokers
John Charcol
John Charcol Insurance Brokers
Keychoice Underwriting
Keysafe Insurance Services
Letting Agent Solutions
Leisure Shop Direct
Lo-Cost Caravan Insurance
Micheal Stimpson & Associates
Milburn Insurance Brokers
Morgan Law
Morgan Law Insurance Brokers
NACFB Insurance Services
NICEIC Insurance Services
No Fuss Minibus
Oyster Risk Solutions
Premier Insurance
Premier Marine Insurance
Project Builder Site Insurance
Property Initiatives Underwriting Agency
Property Risk Solutions
Protect My Holiday Home
Protection online
RAC Insurance
Richard V Wallis Insurance Brokers
School closures insurance
Sky Cover
Smith & Pinching General Insurance Services
The Insurance Business service
The Taxi Rank
The Towergate Partnership
The Truck Insurer
Towergate AIUA
Towergate Advisory
Towergate Allseasons
Towergate Bakers
Towergate BIB
Towergate Bishop Skinner
Towergate Border Counties
Towergate Camerasure
Towergate Capital and County
Towergate car breakdown cover
Towergate Caring Professions
Towergate Centenary
Towergate Chapman Stevens
Towergate Chase Parkinson
Towergate Claims Active
Towergate Claims Management
Towergate Classic Motor
Towergate Commercial Fleet
Towergate Commercial Schemes
Towergate Commercial Underwriting
Towergate Connect
Towergate Corporate
Towergate Corporate Insurance
Towergate Coverex
Towergate Credit
Towergate Credit and Financial Risks
Towergate Didcot
Towergate Direct
Towergate Education
Towergate Embassy Insurance
Towergate Farm & Equine Insurance
Towergate Farm Insurance
Towergate Fleetcare +
Towergate Forecourt
Towergate FreightLAWYER
Towergate gi
Towergate Health and Beauty
Towergate Health+
Towergate Hire Place
Towergate Holiday Caravan Insurance
Towergate Holiday Caravan Insurance Services
Towergate Holiday Caravans
Towergate Insurance
Towergate Insurance (Incorporating Gill Knott Insurance Services)
Towergate Insurance (Incorporating Grenvilles)
Towergate Insurance (incorporating Harry Fort Insurance Brokers)
Towergate Insurance (incorporating Irvine Insurance)
Towergate Insurance (Incorporating William Rogers Insurance Brokers)
Towergate Insurance - Motor Division
Towergate Insurance - Smart Motor
Towergate Insurance Brew Solutions
Towergate Insurance Brokers
Towergate Insurance Centenary
Towergate Insurance Commercial Motor
Towergate Insurance Cornwall
Towergate Insurance Devon
Towergate Insurance Didcot
Towergate Insurance Gloucestershire
Towergate Insurance Marine
Towergate Insurance Motor
Towergate Insurance Renewable Solutions
Towergate Insurance Romford
Towergate Insurance Somerset
Towergate Insurance South West
Towergate Insurance Telford
Towergate Insurance, Sevenoaks
Towergate Leisure Underwriting
Towergate Lifestyle
Towergate Mardon
Towergate MIA
Towergate Milton Keynes
Towergate Moneywise
Towergate Motor trade
Towergate Partnership
Towergate Patrick
Towergate PI+
Towergate Private Clients
Towergate Professional Indemnity
Towergate Professional Risks
Towergate Risk Solutions
Towergate Risk Solutions Bristol
Towergate Risk Solutions Falmouth
Towergate Risk Solutions Fareham
Towergate Risk Solutions Great Yarmouth
Towergate Risk Solutions Hertfordshire
Towergate Risk Solutions Lancaster
Towergate Risk Solutions Milton Keynes
Towergate Risk Solutions Newquay
Towergate Risk Solutions Newton Abbott
Towergate Risk Solutions Oxted
Towergate Risk Solutions Poole
Towergate Risk Solutions Taunton
Towergate Riskline
Towergate Sevenoaks
Towergate Signature
Towergate Taxi
Towergate Taxi Rank
Towergate Telford
Towergate Travel
Towergate Trucks
Towergate Underwriting
Towergate Underwriting Cherished Cars
Towergate Underwriting Commercial Property
Towergate Underwriting Entertainment
Towergate Underwriting Financial Risks
Towergate Underwriting Health & Lifestyle
Towergate Underwriting Holiday Caravans
Towergate Underwriting Holiday Homes
Towergate Underwriting Household
Towergate Underwriting Let Property
Towergate Underwriting Liability & Construction
Towergate Underwriting Marine
Towergate Underwriting Motor
Towergate Underwriting PA & Travel
Towergate Underwriting Personal Accident & Travel
Towergate Underwriting Personal Motor
Towergate Underwriting Private Clients
Towergate Underwriting Specialist Vehicle
Towergate Underwriting Transit & Cargo
Towergate Underwriting Transportation
Towergate Underwriting Travel
Towergate Underwriting Travel Solutions
Towergate warranty
Towergate Wilsons
TRS Thames Valley
Truck Quote Insurance
Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers
Waveney Group Schemes
Waveney Insurance Brokers
WS Top Cover
Yates & Son
Yates And Son Insurance Brokers
Youngs Murray Burns
Your Boat Insurance
Your Insurance