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DSS Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance for DSS tenants.

  • Insure your property against accidental damage
  • Optional cover for malicious damage caused by tenants
  • Ask our advisers about contents insurance

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What does DSS insurance cover?

Accidental damage caused by tenants

This cover protects you from damage to the building that occurs as a non-malicious and unintentional act by your tenant, their family or their guests. Flooding a bath, putting a nail through a pipe or drilling a screw through a wall are just some examples where accidental damage policy would be applicable and could help you carry out necessary repairs in your property. Accidental damage, as any other insurance, does not cover wear and tear.

Malicious damage caused by tenants

Malicious acts cover, similar to accidental damage, is featured on Towergate’s standard property insurance and is available online. Commonly, malicious damage when caused by members of the public, is covered by the majority of landlord policies available. However, many landlords ask us for malicious damage cover for damage caused by their tenants. If this is important to you, we recommend you call us for a tailored quotation.

Theft or attempted theft

Most landlord insurers will cover you for theft damage to the structure of the buildings caused as a result of theft or attempted theft involving visible signs of forcible entry or exit, to or from the property. Cover can also include loss or damage to your property's communal areas (other than IT equipment). When selecting your policy, exercise care in assessing the value of contents in communal areas on a replacement as new basis. Some policies have automatic cover up specified amount but with others this cover may be optional.

Theft by tenants

Towergate has access to DSS insurance that can offer theft of contents by tenants as an extension. As we mentioned above, for standard theft cover to apply, there must be signs of forcible or violent entry or exit at the property. In the event of your tenant stealing from the property, these signs may not be present as they would have had keys therefore extra cover can be applied. If this is important to you, call us for more information.

DSS Landlord Insurance Claims

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and help get your claim settled as quickly as possible.

Generally, claims are ultimately settled by the insurer who administrates your policy. However, we will always be here to answer any questions you may have and help explain anything you may find to be complicated.

All you need to do to is email us with; your policy number, a phone number to reach you on, details of your claim and photos where possible and relevant.

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DSS Landlord Insurance FAQs

What is landlord insurance for DSS tenants?

Landlord insurance can be different if you let your property to DSS tenants. It’s important to inform your insurance provider of the type of tenants you will be renting to. Regardless of whether they are students, DSS or professionals it's important to provide all the information in order to get the best value out of your policy.

Do I need loss of rent cover if I have DSS tenants?

Yes, irrespective of the type of tenants you have, you'll want to protect yourself in the event of insured property damage which renders the building uninhabitable. As landlords rent properties primarily to earn rental income, you could find yourself out of pocket for a long period of time, possibly until the property is fully repaired.

Can I insure contents that belong to my tenants?

The answer is simple and straightforward – no. The reason is that you can’t insure something that’s not yours. You wouldn’t try to put on cover something that belongs to your neighbour or friend and the same principle goes for your tenants. You need to have insurable interest in the item you like to protect against loss or damage.

What does the term buildings actually mean?

Buildings can describe outbuildings, greenhouses, extensions, porches and conservatories, paths, driveways and patios, walls, gates and fences. However, damage to walls, gates and fences by storm or flood is excluded. Landscaped gardens, trees and shrubs are normally excluded under buildings section and can usually be covered through extension on many policies. For an accurate description of what is deemed to be part of your buildings cover you should refer to the definitions page in your own policy wording as it can vary per insurer.

Can I pay in instalments?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

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