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Electrical Contractors Insurance

We offer electrical contractors insurance for domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work.

  • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance for electrical contractors
  • Our electrical contractors insurance can include efficacy cover (failure to perform)
  • Cover for your tools

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Features of our electrical contractors insurance

Electrical contractors liability cover

Through our electrical contractors liability insurance we can offer public liability cover from £2 million to £10 million for third-party injury or property damage arising from your work (for both legal defence costs and damage); professional indemnity insurance from £100,000 to £5 million***; financial loss cover up to £50,000; commercial legal protection (for employment disputes, taxation proceedings and contractual disputes) up to £100,000; and jury service cover up to £1,000.

Contract works insurance for electrical contractors

We can provide contract works cover as part of our electrical contractor insurance. This will cover loss or damage to the works in progress caused from a range of perils including fire, flood, theft, malicious and accidental damage. Please note there are exclusions, such as breakdown by electrical, mechanical or gradual causes – corrosion, fading, etc.

Incidental efficacy cover for electrical contractors

Our incidental efficacy cover protects you if a product or service you provided fails to perform as it should. Cover up to £100,000 is available, subject to a maximum 15% of the business’ turnover being directly attributed to the design, advice, installation, maintenance and repair of theft or fire protection devices. Higher limits with no restrictions on the percentage of the business’ turnover are available for an additional premium for NSI or SSAIB-approved installers.

Electrical contractors tools cover

Should you wish to insure your tools on your electrical contractors policy we can provide flexible limits for all types of equipment including employees' tools, specialist equipment and hired equipment. Tools must be locked securely outside business hours, and a single item limit may apply.

Electrical Contractors Insurance Claims

If and when it comes to the crunch and you need to make a claim, we'll send the details of your claim to the insurer to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.

If there are any complications with your claim, we’ll follow this up with the insurer and keep you updated with the progress of your claim.

Need to make a claim?

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Electrical Contractors Insurance Articles & Guides

Get tips and advice from our industry experts to ensure you get the best out of your electrical contractors insurance.

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Public liability insurance could be the most important cover you have. Not only does it pay out for claims that could otherwise topple a successful business but in many cases not having it would put customers and partners off using your services. Our simple guide looks at the main features and pitfalls.

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Electrical Contractors Insurance FAQs

Am I covered for undertaking Phase 3 work as an electrical contractor?

Yes. Your electrical contractors policy covers you for all Phase 3 work you may undertake.

Why do I need specialist electrical contractor insurance?

Some general liability policies may not cover you in the event of a major specific incident connected to your work as an electrical contractor. It is therefore wise to have specialist and tailored cover for the activities you are undertaking. Contractors public liability insurance covers you for consequences of defective workmanship (DW), for example bodily injury caused to third parties or damage to their property arising from defective work carried out by your business. Please note insurance is not a guarantee of your work, it covers the consequences of poor workmanship, not the cost of redoing the work.

Are labour-only sub-contractors covered in the same way that direct PAYE staff are under the employer’s liability policy?

A labour-only sub-contractor is a temporary employee under your direct supervision and control, to whom you provide the work, tools, materials and training necessary for the job. They are covered in the same way as your full-time employees. Some policies are based on the maximum number of employees and labour sub-contractors you employ at any one time during the year. As a key eligibility and rating factor its important that the correct numbers are declared when applying for a policy. Please ask us if you are unsure or have any queries.

Do you offer contractors all-risks insurance for electrical contractors?

Yes, we can offer all-risks cover as part of our electrical contractors insurance policy, covering loss or damage to the contract works, own plant and tools and also to hired-in plant, arising from a variety of unforeseen causes, except those that are specifically excluded such as electrical or mechanical breakdown or gradual causes such as deterioration, corrosion, fading, etc. We will provide you with full information as to what is and isn’t covered so you can make an informed decision whether to arrange a policy.

Is the financial rating of an insurer an important factor?

As the system measures an insurer’s financial situation, allowing you to predict their ability to meet ongoing policy obligations, it is an important factor.

Also, there are a number of main contractors that will not sub-contract works to any companies not insured with an insurer with a minimum of an A-financial rating (as determined by established ratings companies). If you have any concerns about whether this may affect your business or have any questions around the rating of an insurer speak with one of our advisors.

Can I pay for my electrical contractors insurance in instalments?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

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