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Flat Roof Home Insurance

Cover specifically designed for flat roof homes.

  • 24-hour home care emergency assistance
  • Alternative accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable
  • Cover for various constructions including asphalt, felt, glass and timber frames

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What does flat roof insurance cover?

24-hour home care emergency assistance

When an insured peril like a break-in or burst pipe causes damage to your home, the most important action we can take is to prevent further damage. That’s why our flat buildings insurance policy gives you the option to add a 24-hour contact number for home emergencies, so you can call and have someone carry out repairs or secure the property straight away. Please be aware that if the property is unoccupied for more than 30 days cover will not apply, please contact the team if this is the case.

Alternative accommodation

If you can no longer stay in your home due to damage, our cover will support you to stay in alternative accommodation while repairs are carried out. You’re covered for up to 20% of your total sum insured towards your stay but only if damage leaves the home uninhabitable. Please check with us to make sure you qualify for this cover before paying for your accommodation.

Tracing and accessing leaks

We cover up to £5000 if there is a leak from water tanks, pipes or fixed heating systems which is causing damage in the home. We will also pay the reasonable costs for removing and replacing any other part of the building necessary to find and repair the source of the leak. As it’s a common problem among flat roofed properties, we do ask you to have an inspection carried out on your home every eight years to identify any issues.

Flat roof contents insurance

Your home holds your life’s possessions so it’s worth having a good think about the total value of the contents you’d like to insure as well as any valuables you might like to cover in addition. Items which are hard to replace like-for-like and more valuable items, should be specified on your policy so it’s best to discuss the details of these with an adviser. We do not cover wear and tear or mechanical breakdown of any of your contents.

Flat Roof Home Insurance Claims

The claims team is experienced in helping customers who need to make property claims. You are able to report your claim 24-hours a day 365 days a year.

Just note, if reported over a weekend or during bank holidays, the team will aim get back to you with the next steps on the next business day.

You also have control of how you would like your claim to progress, you can source your own contractors to carry out repairs or if you prefer, we can contact someone from an approved network of suppliers and repairers.

It’s helpful for the team if you have as much information available as possible when you call and photographs are particularly helpful, so please provide some if you can.

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Flat Roof Home Insurance FAQs

Why do I need a flat roof insurance policy instead of a standard home insurance policy?

A flat roof has a shorter life span than a tiled roof, and as a result they are more prone to leaking. As a result, some insurers who provide standard home insurance may exclude properties constructed with a flat roof or provide limited cover for claims like leaks. A policy designed specifically for flat roof homes will cater for the risks associated with the construction.

Does it matter what percentage of my roof is flat?

What’s more important to us is the state of repair of the roof. We will need to know roughly how much of your roof is flat but we can usually accommodate for any percentage.

Can you cover asbestos roofs?

We can consider a roof that is constructed from asbestos providing it does not exceed 49% of the total roof. This can be considered on referral to underwriting.

Can you cover my rubber membranes flat roof?

Yes, we can cover various types of flat roof, including rubber membranes flat roofs.

I live in a mobile home with a flat roof, can you insure me?

We have policies designed specifically for park homes and mobile homes so it’s worth talking to our team in Cheltenham for cover.

How can I pay for my premium?

You can pay by credit card, debit card or monthly direct debit.

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