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Fleet Driver Training

Our partners Safedrive are driver risk management specialists, and can work alongside you to ensure that:

  • Your drivers are licensed properly, profiled, trained, and equipped
  • Higher standards of fleet driver behaviour are set
  • The right culture and processes are embedded into your driver risk management

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Features of our fleet driver training

Fleet driver licence checking services

Licence checking services can be carried out for any fleet. Checks against the DVSA’s database ensure you don’t employ disqualified or unsuitable drivers. This also enables you to comply with business legislation and ‘duty of care’ obligations, which can help to reduce your corporate risk and save a sizeable amount on your insurance premiums.

Fleet driver risk management tools

Safedrive offer an extensive range of driver risk management tools that can help reinforce the adoption of safe practice and provide admissible evidence in the event of a claim. These include forward-facing accident cameras, mobile phone usage-control devices, and drink and drug testing kits. These tools and advice will help keep your business and its employees compliant, your bottom line protected and your reputation intact.

Driver profiling and education

Our online fleet driver profiling rates and improves a driver’s ability via an initial assessment of their skills and attitude followed by a series of fun and interactive modules. We offer ongoing driver theory and practical education with DVSA-approved assessors to help keep skills sharp and knowledge up-to-date, decreasing your running costs and accident rate, and boosting your business’ green credentials.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training

We have over 50 independent, professionally qualified trainers who run a number of modular courses aligned to the driver CPC. Combining practice with theory, these comprehensive courses help drivers develop and retain the skills, knowledge, judgment and flexibility to carry their passengers safely and comfortably. In so doing they underpin your business health and safety, service, and cost management initiatives.

Fleet Driver Training Articles & Guides

Ensure you get the most out of our fleet driver training by reading our tips and advice.

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To some involved in the road haulage fleet insurance sector, the term ‘risk management’ may still mean little more than claims analysis and driver training. Whilst those...

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Guide to CPC Training

If you own or rent a lorry, bus or coach and wish to drive it commercially, it is vital to obtain Driver CPC. Alternatively, you may already have Driver CPC and are coming up to your deadline for renewal – in either case, drivers must undergo training before professionally operating one of these vehicles.



Beware Crash for Cash Scams

Towergate Insurance Motor Division have issued a list of top tips to help drivers avoid being targeted in 'crash for cash' scams. Towergate Insurance has found that staged accidents involving large vehicles are on the increase and are circulating advice to help client companies and their employees recognise the ploys of would-be criminal claimants.

Goods In Transit Security


Putting Goods-in-Transit Security First

Losing a load doesn't just cost time and money; reputations can be broken if security fails and consignments are lost. This guide looks at some of the ways you can minimise the risk as a distribution firm.

Fleet Driver Training FAQs

Who will organise and deliver the training sessions?

Book your fleet driver training with Safedrive and we will co-ordinate its delivery through our team of over 50 fully qualified, independent advanced driving instructor (ADI) assessors.

How quickly can training be organised?

Our national team of over 50 assessors can be mobilised at relatively short notice. Let us know your preferred date and we’ll do our utmost to meet it.

Where will training take place?

Training for drivers can be delivered online, on-road, in the classroom or a mix of all three, depending on your specific objectives and requirements.

Do I have to book all my drivers in for training at the same time?

We appreciate that its not always possible, advisable or sound practice to have all your drivers off the road at once. Let us know what you need and we can work out a way of delivering our training in a way that suits you best.

Will I see the results from my driver’s training modules?

Yes. It is important that you are able to see just how up-to-date your drivers’ knowledge and skills are, and that they have the right attitude in place, so that if they are inadequate, you can determine what next to do.

When can I expect to see a change in my drivers’ attitudes and behaviour?

Training can have an immediate effect but needs managing and reinforcing on a daily basis if drivers aren’t to slip back into old habits or beliefs. Also, drivers can tend to come and go so its always important that you search out your weakest links, whether they are long-serving or new recruits.

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