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Do I need Second Home or Holiday Home Insurance?

The difference between holiday home and second home insurance has to do with the frequency and length of time you spend there. But getting it wrong can leave you vulnerable to having a claim rejected. Watch our quick video for more info.

Second Home or Holiday Home Insurance

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Brooke and in this video I’m going to talk about the difference between second home insurance, and holiday home insurance.

As the use of your home depends on the risks it faces, insurers categorise properties into groups such as standard home, unoccupied home, holiday home etc.

A very common question from our customers is whether they need holiday home insurance, or second home insurance.

The first point on this matter is whether the property is in the UK or abroad. Homes outside the UK are likely to always need holiday home insurance, especially if you are renting the property to others for short periods through-out the year and not spending the majority of your time there yourself.

Similarly, if it’s inside the UK and you’re staying there more than 120 consecutive days at a time, you’ll probably find cheaper standard home insurance to cover you.

Holiday home insurance

After this, the main difference between holiday home and second home insurance is the frequency and routine with which you occupy the house. For example, if you spend less than 120 consecutive nights there at any one time and with no regular frequency, for instance, over the summer, or around the holidays you’ll likely need holiday home insurance.

Second Home Insurance

If however you’re returning for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly stays for instance, you may better suit a second home insurance policy. Make sure you’ve discussed your needs clearly as the wrong policy could cause problems if you did ever need to make a claim.

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