Q&A with Beach Hut of the Year Judge, Author Lucy Clarke

Author, Lucy Clarke, joins us for the first time this year. Lucy and her family spend much of the winter travelling, but come summer, they spend plenty of time at their beach hut. Lucy recently wrote much of her novel, 'Last Seen', in her family's beach hut. The story is peppered with childhood memories experienced over summers spent at the beach. Bonus fact: Lucy met her husband at the beach because his family owned the hut next door!

What do you love most about beach huts?

The feeling of timelessness. There’s a simplicity about beach hut life, which is hard to beat.

Your favourite seaside memory?

I spend so much time at the beach that it feels like most of my memories are shaped by the sea. If I’m to pick a standout one, I’d say it was the first kiss I had in our beach hut, with a blond-haired windsurfer when I was 17 years old (FYI – he’s now my husband)!

Favourite Beach Hut from last year’s top ten - and why?

The Boho Hut in Hove gets my vote. I’m a sucker for vintage prints and contrasting patterns. Plus, I love the trinkets that the owner picked up on their travels in Sri Lanka.

Why do you think Towergate's Beach Hut of the Year is such a great campaign to be involved with?

There is a wonderful feel-good factor associated with beach huts, and I think this campaign helps spreads that joy.

Beach Hut of the Year judge Lucy Clarke

 Five must-haves for a day at the beach hut:

  1. A good book (anything by Maggie O’Farrell or Tim Winton hits the spot)

  2. Tea (Yorkshire Tea, if I’m being particular)

  3. Chocolate (Monty Bojangles truffles for decadence)

  4. A swimsuit (it’s no good just looking at the sea – we need to get IN it)

  5. A sun-faded deckchair (for the post-swim relax)

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