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James Cooper - Home and Property Insurance Customer, Sales and Service Specialist

About James

James is a respected industry leader with around 10 years' experience in the home and property insurance sector 

He works across a broad range of insurance product and policy development and delivery, including product development; customer sales and marketing; and P&L accountability. 

James currently works at Towergate as Head of Sales and Service - Property. Towergate is the UK’s leading independent insurance broking platform and forms part of the Ardonagh Group, an international network of over 100 offices and 7,000 people which incorporates leading brands in both Lloyd’s of London and global markets.

This is a marketing article by Towergate Insurance.

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Articles by James

Natural Light Window 464

10 Ideas for Refurbishing Your Home

Looking for ways to spruce up your home or make your property more appealing to prospective tenants? In this article we explore 20 creative refurbishing ideas for homeowners...

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News Empty Home

A Guide to Empty Property Rates

Has your property been left unoccupied? This guide explains rates and reliefs for empty properties and how to protect your unoccupied home.

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Flood Prevention

A Guide to Flood Prevention for Non Standard Homes

If your home is situated in a flood risk area it may be considered a non-standard home in insurance terms. Last year, The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported insurers...

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Holiday Home

A Guide to Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday homes need a specific insurance policy, as they can be left unoccupied, rented out or located abroad. Whether you've got a flat or a villa, in the UK or abroad, read...

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Tenant Referencing For Landlords Social Image

A Guide to Inheriting a Property

Our guide to inheriting a property answers many of the common questions customers have during this difficult time. To keep you from feeling overwhelmed, this article highlights...

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A Guide To Shared Ownership Property Insurance

A Guide to Shared Ownership Property Insurance

A question we often get asked here at Towergate is whether there is any difference in shared ownership property insurance compared with insurance for properties bought outright....

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Haunted Houses

Buying a Haunted House: Are Brits Spooked by Ghostly Guests?

According to our survey, half of Brits think they have experienced some sort of paranormal activity in their home and one in eight claim to have moved out of a house because...

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Beach hut insurance buyer's guide

If you're looking to insure your beach hut, you may be wondering why you need separate insurance for your hut and why it differs from other types of property insurance. We...

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disabled holiday home thumb

How to Find Holiday Homes for the Disabled

Many holiday home rental websites and in fact, holiday websites in general, overlook the needs of the disabled, the elderly and others who may require more accessible accommodation....

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Holiday Home Europe

Where to buy a holiday home in Europe

Trying to find the ideal spot to buy a holiday home can be tricky but there are still some prime locations that will make you want to jet off right away. We've selected four...

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