Companies are becoming more and more creative with the perks that they offer their staff whether it is for motivation, loyalty or engagement reasons, but the big question is, which perks work best?

Employee Perk Statistics

Engagement and Loyalty

Benefits that employees say would increase engagement and loyalty:

  • Compensation
  • Better benefits
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Training/education
  • Coworkers they like
  • Corporate culture

Employee engagement programs can increase profits by $2400 (£1586) per employee per year.

Flexible Work

44% of employees

indicated flexible work arrangements as the #1 benefit they’d love to have at work

  • 10 AM
    Work from home
  • 11 AM
  • 12 PM
  • 1 PM
    Meeting Gym
  • 2 PM

what makes employees want
to stay in their jobs?


Flexible schedules


Increased recognition

(awards, cash prizes, company trips)


Acting on employee feedback

of working
agree that asking for flexible work options would hurt their chances of job advancement.
have considered leaving or have left a job because it wasn't flexible enough.
agree that flexibility is one of the most important factors when deciding what company to work for—more than 10% jump from 2012 (61%) and 2011 (62%) surveys.

Perks Employees Want Most

What perks do staff in the UK want?


Flexible working and the option to work from home


A Pension


Increase in basic salary


financial Benefits during long term illness or injury


Ability to buy and sell holiday


Money off vouchers

Staff Perks Received in The EU

Some countries in the EU have different staff perks than those received in the UK. This is what our research found

EU Staff Perks that workers in the UK want


A pension that pays a decent living wage in retirement


More annual leave


Additional money i.e. help with travel to work or house buying


Health related benefits i.e. health insurance

Employee Perks that Don't Work

Perks are good for recruiting and
retaining—at least initially.

All of these benefits look extremely attractive, especially to the new college graduate looking for an easy transition from school to work—and bragging rights.

Child care

Employees not using the service feel as though they are subsidizing employees who have young children, often leading to resentment.

On-site gym or fitness centre

A 2010 study shows that only 28% of employees who have access to an on-site gym or fitness centre actually use it.

Free snacks and foosball tables

are well and good, but they don’t help people engage

Workers also reported that the following are also considered important to overall happiness:


A visually pleasing environment


An organization with a mission or purpose aligned with their values


Availability of food throughout the day


Lounges where they can get away or have time to themselves

Perks can demonstrate trust

The same can be true of unlimited vacation time. It can be a good thing, by demonstrating that a company trusts its employees to make wise decisions. But it all depends on the norms and expectations in the work force. - Professor Bailyn, professor emeritus at the M.I.T Sloan school of Management

Why do companies not offer benefits?

Benefits are not being offered out of largess. It’s done because organizations want employees to work 24/7. If you never have to leave to get your dry cleaning, to go to the gym, to eat or even go to bed, you can work all the time. - Professor Bailyn, professor emeritus at the M.I.T Sloan school of Management

Unusual staff perks

Unusual Perks


There is an in-office slide, bowling alley, volleyball pit and free haircuts and laundry facilities


Exclusive Threadless IPA Pale Ale always available in the staff kitchen

Freeborn and Peters

Luggage parties where 4 employees names are picked out of a hat and they are taken on an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas


Midday surfing and yoga is encouraged (the reception desk even posts daily surf reports)


There is an on-site shopping mall for the exclusive use of staff


Employees are allowed to bring their pets to work, regularly go sailing and have themed ‘formal Fridays’

Staff Savings


Free housecleaning twice a month (nearly half of their 250 employees are taking advantage)

employees save
$2,400 annually
Body Logic

Massages and Manicures once a week Research suggests even a five-minute massage can seriously reduce stress

employees save
Just under $1,000

in weekly manicure costs alone.


Laundry Services every Monday morning

employees save
About $480