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A Military Insurance Glossary

There are several different policies designed for the armed forces to cover different stages in your career as well as aspects of your home life. This article breaks down the military insurance policies available, who they apply to and what they can cover.

What is military insurance?

Military insurance is designed to cover risks associated with a forces lifestyle and is specifically for members of the armed forces and their families. Usually, military insurance can be broken into categories depending on the stage you’re at in your career.

Towergate offer three main types of military insurance.

What does military insurance cover?

Military insurance covers a variety of risks associated with life in the armed forces. It is designed especially for military personnel for whom standard insurance policies do not always apply or suit. There are three main types of cover available:

  1. Kit insurance
  2. Kit and contents insurance
  3. Kit, contents and buildings insurance

Here’s a little more information on what each of the military insurance policies covers.

Military kit insurance

Designed for personnel fresh out of training and living in single serving accommodation.

Military kit insurance will insure your kit while you’re on deployment anywhere in the world and provides cover for your personal possessions too. Accidental damage to your MOD-based accommodation is usually covered at this stage: you may also of heard this referred to as ‘licence to occupy’. 

Military kit and contents insurance

A natural progression for people moving into married quarters, or for serving personnel who live independently.

Military contents insurance covers the same as a kit policy but has the option to include specific values for your kit depending on your role. You'll also be able to add cover for contents of any family members living with you.

Military buildings insurance

For military personnel who have now purchased their own home and no longer live in rented MOD accommodation.

Our military home insurance policy still covers your kit, personal possessions and home contents but has the added benefit of including buildings insurance to cover your home too. It insures the home contents belonging to your family and can often be extended to cover your partner's and children’s contents away from the home.

Other military insurance options from Towergate

Standard insurance policies don’t always fit a military lifestyle, so we provide alternative options more suited to your specific needs.

Military travel insurance

For private holidays and rest and relaxation periods we can provide you with military travel insurance too. If you’re deployed on short notice and need to cancel your holiday, the policy can provide cover for the costs.

Military adventure training insurance

Designed to cover groups of military personnel on adventure training expeditions, this is like a travel insurance policy but designed for a very different kind of holiday.

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