Classic Car Insurance Buyer's Guide

Read about the most common classic car insurance features and exclusions in our product guide, and find out if you need to take out a policy.

What's in this guide?

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance offers classic car owners specialist protection such as breakdown cover, legal protection, spare parts, salvage retention, and agreed value or market value to ensure you get back what it’s truly worth should something happen.

Do I need classic car insurance?

Protecting your car from being out on the roads and the risks that come with driving is even more important when it comes to a classic car or vintage vehicle. Making sure that you have the right policy to cover your vehicle is hugely important.

There are a number of factors which will impact the level of cover you need and the price you pay.

  • Mileage – how far you drive your classic car can impact the price of your insurance and some policies offer a discount if you limit your mileage.
  • Value of the vehicle – the amount your car is worth will play a part in determining the level of cover you require.
  • Club membership – specialist rates can be offered if you are a member of an approved classic car club.

If you have multiple classic cars it is possible to insure them all under a single policy, which will give you peace of mind whilst also keeping all your details and documents in one place, just speak to one of our advisers about extending your cover to include other classic cars.

What does classic car insurance cover?

There are a range of standard features and additional extras when it comes to classic car insurance, which you can add to create a bespoke policy with cover to suit you:

  • Spare parts cover for classic car spare parts and fitted accessories
  • Salvage retention in the event of a total loss
  • Agreed value, which ensures you get back the true value of the vehicle rather than market value. However, it is important to reassess the agreed value of the vehicle regularly to ensure the figure is up to date. Speak to an insurance adviser for details.
  • Breakdown cover options for Europe and the UK
  • Legal protection for pursuing uninsured losses can be added

Classic car insurance exclusions explained

Classic car insurance policies do not usually cover the following:

  • Theft of the vehicle, if the keys are in it
  • Theft or malicious damage during the night if the vehicle is parked within a mile radius of the home or garage address and is not in a locked garage
  • Motorsports or trackside use, unless agreed in advance
  • No claims discount

You are also usually not covered if the vehicle is unsafe, unroadworthy, or without a current MOT (if required).

Things to consider when choosing your classic car insurance policy

You can take steps to make your classic car insurance affordable whilst still ensuring everything is covered by your policy.

  • Classic car club membership – being a member of an approved club can reduce the cost of your premiums
  • Invest in secure storage for your car – many classic car insurance policies require the vehicle to be in a garage overnight so ensure that yours is safe and secure
  • Decide on the usage of your car – whilst classic car insurance can be flexible to include uses such as race days it is important that the insurer is aware of this so it is important that you make a decision as to what your classic car will be used for.

Our classic car insurance

Our classic car insurance is provided by Footman James, who are classic car specialists and will be able to provide you with a bespoke policy tailored to suit you and protect your pride and joy.

Our classic car insurance policies can feature a series of additional extras to suit you and give you greater peace of mind. We can ensure you have the right cover in place for your classic car.

Call for a quote on 0333 207 6094 or read more about our classic car insurance and what we cover.