Warning – potential fraud scam relating to “Towergate Properties Limited” or “Towergate Properties Department"

If you receive a message purporting to be from "Towergate Properties Limited" or "Towergate Properties Department", please do not reply to or engage with it in any way. These messages are not from Towergate Insurance and are part of a fraud scam. Towergate Insurance has no connection with the "Towergate Properties Limited" or "Towergate Properties Department" entities.

It has come to our attention that certain third parties are alleging that an entity, known as “Towergate Properties Limited” or “Towergate Properties Department”, operates a scheme for the provision of keys or the payment of deposit funds in respect of holiday lets or other short term rental apartments (“schemes”). 

Towergate Insurance have received a number of enquiries from people who state they have been unable to contact Towergate Properties Limited or Towergate Properties Department, and have mistakenly elected to contact Towergate Insurance regarding the above schemes. 

Please note that Towergate Insurance do not operate and have never operated, and we do not have any involvement whatsoever in, any such schemes, and have no connection with the “Towergate Properties Limited” or “Towergate Properties Department” entities. 

If you believe you may have been exposed to fraud, you should consider reporting the matter immediately to your local Police Authorities and also to the website that carried the relevant advertisement.