Golden Rules For Running A Business

Video: Golden Rules For Running A Business - Business expert Ruth Badger gives advice to small businesses on operations and management.

Transcripts: Golden Rules To Running A Business

I'm going to give you a bit of an introduction to myself and what are looking to achieve today and really the reason that I'm here.

Since 2006 we have helped launch 361 versions of you, and 358 are still trading. On an average year me and the people that I employ help about 120 businesses. And that's people who have got no money in their pocket to people who have got millions, and I will tell you the tenacity the passion you need to run a business, nobody understands unless you're doing it.

What you are is unique in your own way and actually the ethos that I've got in business comes down to three things; firstly under-promise and over-deliver. Because everybody wants that next customer, but I will talk to you about looking after your customers, because what we do a lot of the time is alienate what we've got to get that aspirational customer and that dream. I was with a business owner last week who was talking to me about going out and selling, and the first thing I did was look at his business and look at his pipeline, and he wasn't delivering what he's actually got in his pipeline. So when I talk about under-promise and over-deliver that means I will never spend money on creating a demand unless I can supply it.

My middle thing is; people buy people. You wanna know how to sell, I can tell you like that. You want me to come in to your businesses and sell, of course I can, I've got the golden touch. But people buy people. So when it comes to your walking talking corporate people, that's not me.

So if I under-promise and over-deliver and I'm a nice woman who is interested and actually wants to help people, the third thing is all about money. The one thing that I am is commercial, and I've got a snout for money. If I say to you 'could you make a million by the end of next year?' and as long as you've got a good business idea and you're commercial, the answer is 'yes'. But it's all to do with if you're interested in turnover or profit.

And my role here is to give you everything that I can give you to try and make your business better. Because this as about giving you something;  first of all free; second of all valuable; but third of all when you walk out, please go and do it. Go and do something with what we say. So I can't promise to have the answer to everything, but I will give you everything that I can. Take what you want and actually go and use it. So whose gonna start us off then?

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