Goods-in-transit security

Transit losses in the haulage industry through theft and damage have increased considerably over the last few years and insurance premiums have risen as a result. Reducing your exposure to transit losses should improve your claims experience. And as well as cutting the hassle of dealing with claims, premium savings are likely to be enjoyed.

Driver instructions

Losses will often occur through no fault of the haulier. But your liability for such losses can be hard to avoid unless documentation is completed correctly. To minimise this risk, the instructions you give to your drivers about documentation should include particular reference to three key areas:

  • load collection

  • stowage and securing of consignments

  • delivery of load

Depot and vehicle security

Every business is different and the risks they face need to be individually assessed. Careful consideration needs to be given in particular to the security issues relating to four key areas:

  • depots

  • vehicles

  • trailers

  • customers' goods

Recruiting staff

Some transit insurance policies state that reasonable care must be taken when employing staff to ensure that new recruits are who they say they are and are of good character. Others may specifically refer to obtaining references.

The following steps should always be followed when recruiting new staff, irrespective of their role:

  • a senior person in the business should always conduct interviews

  • application forms should always be properly completed and retained on individual personnel files

  • references should always be obtained and / or checks made through an appropriate pre-employment security vetting agency.

By making sure sound procedures have been introduced to minimise the risk of transit losses, not only do you cut the risk of claims; more importantly still, you protect your reputation with your customers.

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