The Transport & Logistics Safety Forum 2015 – Safety of Vulnerable Road Users

A Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Safety Forum Conference held in March 2015, at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford, discussed the importance of improving Road Safety for Vulnerable Road Users. More importantly, ensuring safety is marked as a high priority as part of boardroom discussions.

The Forum launched a promotional film to reinforce their message and hammer home the importance of health and safety discussions. It should be in the mind of every decision maker, helping to ‘eliminate nightmare scenarios’.

The footage conveys a powerful message that stresses the importance of preventing collisions and fatal accidents before they happen.

The film highlighted three key organisational values for board rooms to adopt:

  • Moral- Putting human life at the forefront of any and every business decision.

  • Economic- Preventing accidents is more cost effective than post event cures.

  • Legal- Protection of a company’s brand reputation is vital for future success.

If you’re an organisation that could benefit from introducing more stringent health and safety procedures, this powerful content is well worth viewing and sharing with the decision makers in your business.

Our Vehicles, Our Safety, Our Responsibility: Improving Road Safety for Vulnerable Road Users

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