Towergate partners with RAC

We're bringing two new insurance products to market in association with the RAC. We hope that these products will help keep your fleet in good running order, reduce down time and maintenance expenses.

With anything up to 1,000 components on a truck, the older and more travelled yours is, the greater likelihood there is that something will break. The result - unwelcome downtime, expense, disappointed customers and unnecessary aggravation. That’s why Towergate Insurance Brokers have teamed up with the biggest name in the breakdown business, RAC, to bring two new insurance products to market.

  1. A subscription-based commercial motor breakdown product, where the whole process from initial call, through to roadside repair or recovery is handled for you.*

  2. A flexible commercial vehicle warranty product that covers you against unwelcome, unexpected bills when a component on the vehicle breaks.*

Both are designed with your business in mind. Both are designed to help you manage the cost of protecting your business and ensure its business as usual, day in day out.

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