Towergate telematics partners

At Towergate we work very closely many different official organisations and industry specific partners in order to help us fully understand the risk of any one business. Here we have listed some of our partners we work together with in the telematics industry


quartix logo

Today, more than 4,500 customers across a wide range of sectors - including government organisations, housing associations, construction firms, hospital trusts and the emergency services - use the online service, while the company's unique, own-design tracking system has been installed in more than 75,000 vehicles. The robust Quartix system is renowned for its ease of use, and offers a wide range of features including live tracking and alerts, as well as comprehensive fleet management reporting.


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Towergate Fleetcare+, a specialist telematics based insurance product has been launched to help Ctrack customers reduce risk and reward them with reduced premiums. Using the Ctrack telematics system, Towergate's fleet experts will work with clients on the Towergate Fleetcare+ product to identify risk and help them implement the appropriate risk management tools to reduce the risk of their fleet being involved in an accident.


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VeriLocation has over 10 years of industry experience in insurance based telematics solutions, and currently have over 30,000 live tracking units within the UK and Europe. Their integrated telematics and tracking solutions are aimed at improving vehicle efficiency and fuel consumption via driver behaviour reporting, providing customers with reduced fuel, maintenance and insurance costs. VeriLocation's system uses real time GPS location and data updates which are accessed via a web based account, giving instant access to driver reports, alerts and archived plot points.

CMS SupaTrak

CMS Supa logo

CMS SupaTrak specialise in vehicle telematics, driver behaviour management solutions, in cab job control and systems integration. CMS have developed a comprehensive and complimentary portfolio of solutions to help organisations reduce their fuel costs, lower carbon emissions, promote safer driving and realise greater operating efficiencies. Their expertise in systems integration delivers joined up telematics systems, which include integration with route optimisation, scheduling, on board weighing, 360 degree CCTV, digital tachograph analysis and fuel card partners.


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Trafficmaster supplies fleet intelligence solutions for vehicle tracking, cutting costs, increasing driver safety and more.

The Teletrac Fleet Director telematics product boasts benefits such as:

  • Reduced Fuel consumption

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced overtime

  • Reduced unauthorised vehicle use

  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear

  • Carbon footprint lowered

  • Avoids traffic congestion

  • Easy communication with drivers

  • Peace of mind and safety for drivers