Christmas party confessions: A third of workers lose possessions after company bash

According to our research, nearly a third (30%) of workers have lost belongings following their work Christmas party. What sort of expensive items do you carry on a night out and what to you do to keep them safe?

With just two weeks to go until the most popular date for work jollies - 18th December - this news comes as a stark warning to post-work revellers, especially as more than a quarter (28%) don't know if their insurance would cover any losses.

The average value of a British commuter has increased by nearly two thirds (62%) to £1,212.42, a significant rise from last year when a worker's possessions totalled £750.

Top ten most expensive items taken on a commute:

RankItemAve. value
1 Engagement ring £950
2 Season Ticket £661
3 Laptop £573
4 Jewellery £343
5 Tablet £284
6 Mobile phone 262
7 Portable gaming device £217
8 Wrist Watch £209
9 Cufflinks £186
10 Glasses £147


In spite of the high value of some of these bigger ticket items, nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) have not arranged separate cover and a further 5% have not taken out insurance to cover work-owned items such as mobile phones and laptops. It is important to check if separate cover is needed for highly valuable items, including work items, as not having the right cover in place could leave you out of pocket.

Drew Wotherspoon from Towergate comments: “At this time of year, your average commuter will be carrying more valuable items, including Christmas gifts, on their way to and from work. With the party season fast upon us, it’s so easy to get distracted and misplace expensive or sentimental items so it’s vitally important to understand the nature of what you’re covered for when out and about.”

Comparisons up and down the country reveal that the average value of personal items a worker carries rises significantly in London to nearly £2,000.

City Ave. value of a commuter
London £1,887
Nottingham £1,404
Brighton £1,189
Liverpool £1,188
Norwich £1,105
Glasgow £1,100
Belfast £1,040
Birmingham £1,022
Plymouth £1,015
Sheffield £968
Manchester £957
Edinburgh £928
Newcastle £893
Southampton £881
Leeds £843
Cardiff £825
Bristol £810


In a battle of the sexes, men (32%) are more likely to lose items such as a mobile phone or laptop during a work Christmas party compared to women (28%) who misplace umbrellas and make up.

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