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Whether you’re a large business, SME or sole trader, work from home or have a property empire - we’ve got an insurance policy for you.

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What is business insurance?

Our business insurance policies take into consideration a range of factors including your turnover, location, number of employees, the industry, even the amount of time you’ve been trading and offer you a tailored policy which is based on you and your business. And our trained advisors are on hand, not only to build your policy with you, but also to amend as your business grows.

What does business insurance cover?

Business insurance can cover three main areas of risk which could impact your business:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

There is no limit as to how much a compensation claim could reach in the UK. Therefore, a serious case could see thousands or even millions of pounds rewarded against your business. Professional indemnity (PI) insurance protects by covering the cost of a claim for compensation against you. But even if a court case is unsuccessful, you can also claim back the cost of defending yourself, and receive legal advice through-out the process.
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Public Liability Insurance

It’s fair to say that if your business interacts with the public on a daily basis or your business activities are performed in a public area, you’ll want public liability cover. Although how much you’ll need varies from business to business. It could mean protecting your business against a potential claim from a client, a customer or another member of the public in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Employers’ liability insurance

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you have employees. Should an employee injure themselves or experience property damage during the course of their work, the business could be liable for compensation and legal defence. Employers liability insurance from Towergate covers these costs up to £10 million for any one claim.
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Product liability

If you sell, supply, manufacture or repair products then you may need product liability insurance. Faulty or defective products which cause injury or damage to third parties, or their property, may instigate claims against your business even if the defect is not your fault. Product liability insurance covers you against claims of this nature.

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Shop Insurance

Whether you need to cover the business only or you require cover for your premises too, we can provide shop insurance with options to cover high value stock, unique glass shop fronts and tenants’ improvements.

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Cyber insurance

A growing risk for many businesses is cybercrime, if any part of your businesses operates using the internet, you could be at risk of cybercrime too. Cyber insurance will help protect you against the financial impact cybercrimes can have on your business.

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D&O cover

Even the best laid plans can falter. If you’re in a position where your advice can affect the success of entire business, it’s best to have cover in place if things don’t go the way you thought. Directors’ and officers’ insurance will take the financial strain away if you are challenged legally due to your actions.

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Do I need business insurance?

Business insurance can cover a variety of risks which could impact your business. If you have employees’, you are legally required to have a minimum of employer’s liability insurance included on your policy. Thereafter, it’s up to you to choose the types of cover which match your risks.

How much business insurance do I need?

This can vary dependent on a number of factors related to your business, limits are variable and we can try to find cover up to the amount you request. If you’re unsure how much cover your business will need, call our team for assistance and we’ll talk you through the details of what you might need so you can make an informed decision.

What does business insurance cost?

Our business insurance covers businesses great and small against a variety or risks, or just a few, all depending on how you operate. Therefore, it’s tricky to give a ball park figure or even an average cost. What we can tell you is that we give you choices and retrieve quotes from a panel of insurers so you can choose the right policy, at the right price.

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