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Landlord Contents Insurance

Specialist landlord contents cover for your commercial property

  • Includes furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • This must be combined with your buildings insurance and purchased as one landlords policy.
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Why choose landlord contents insurance with Towergate?

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Contents insurance for multiple premises

Cover suitable for both single properties and a portfolio.

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Accidental damage protection for contents

Accidental damage cover can be arranged for landlord’s contents. Often cover is standard for contents in communal areas.

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Professional landlord contents insurance claim assistance

Expert advice to help you with claims you face.

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Pay landlord cover by Direct Debit

Choose to spread your payment into 10 monthly Direct Debit instalments.

About landlord contents insurance

Specialist landlord contents cover for your commercial property includes cover for your furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Watch our video to find out what protection landlord contents insurance offers.

Do landlords need landlord contents insurance?

The contents of a property includes anything that would roll around were you to turn the property upside down. This means that if you rent a genuinely empty house with no fixtures, furniture, appliances or personal items, you may not need landlord's contents insurance at all.

If however you provide some contents then you will want to insure them. The cost of a few pieces of furniture, curtains, and kitchen appliances can quickly add up should the need arise to replace them all in one go. 

What does landlord insurance cover?

The standard perils landlord insurance covers you for are the same as standard home insurance. They are things like fire, floods, escape of water, subsidence etc. The differences can be things like loss of keys, loss of rent, conditions on leaving it unoccupied, etc. Our online quote system or adviser will be able to discuss your requirements and find something that suits your needs exactly.

Accidental Damage

Accidental and malicious damage cover for contents

Our landlord contents insurance can include accidental and malicious damage cover.


Flexible limits of contents to suit your needs

We can offer flexible contents cover tailored for your requirements meaning you can choose the level of cover to meet your needs, whatever the value of the contents of your properties.


Property owners' contents liability cover

Property owners' liability insurance can be included as part of our contents insurance offering. This covers you for damage done by contents to a third party (e.g. tenants), from accidents such as furniture falling over or water tanks bursting. It is available as standard or at no additional cost (depending on your policy).


Loss of rent cover

You can claim for loss of rent if your building is uninhabitable due to an insured damage to landlords contents and buildings. We offer options of up to 36 months loss of rent. This can be included as part of your landlord buildings policy.

When you need to make a claim, we'll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.

  • Find your insurance documents and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number.
  • Call the claims team on 0344 892 1384 and explain exactly what happened.
  • Provide photos if requested to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can.
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Landlord contents insurance FAQs

If you rent a genuinely empty house with no fixtures, furniture, appliances or personal items, you may not need landlord's contents insurance at all.

Yes, we can cover accidental loss of keys or where there is reasonable evidence that the keys have been copied by an unauthorised person. We can also cover the replacement of locks and damage from an emergency access.

Say your tenants vacate your property and keep a set of keys, or whilst unoccupied you lose the master set. Replacing the locks and keys, or worse, having to break in due to an emergency while you have lost your keys, can cost a considerable amount. We can offer peace of mind knowing these easy accidents can be covered by your landlord contents insurance.

Yes, we specialise in finding insurance policies for landlords with multiple properties. In fact, if you have between 1 and 50 properties we can often find you discounts on the premiums.

We can also include any new properties on a pro-rata additional premium basis, allowing you to keep the same renewal date for all your properties insured under one policies.

We can provide cover for a wide range of tenant types. So, if for example, that student party gets a bit out of hand and a window gets accidentally broken, you’ll be covered under the accidental damage section of your policy (if you’ve asked for that to be included in your policy).

We can provide malicious damage insurance. This doesn’t necessarily come as standard on all policies from our panel of insurers so make sure you ask us for it when you call us or get a quote online.

With malicious damage cover in place, if a tenant damages your building or your contents, you’ll be able to claim and we’ll do our best to recover the cost of the damage caused. So if a tenant spray paints your walls or slashes your sofas, we’ll sort it for you.

As a property owner / landlord, it’s not your duty to insure the personal items of your tenants. A landlord buildings insurance policy generally includes cover for the structure of the building against a range of insured perils such as fire, storm and flood, with many policies extending to include cover for landlords fixtures and fittings in communal areas and property owners liability.

Importantly, a landlords building insurance will not cover the personal belongings of the tenant. Therefore, tenants are responsible for arranging their own home contents insurance for their furniture, personal items and valuables. We can, of course, help with this.

It’s best practice to communicate this clearly to your tenants within the tenancy agreement so they understand their responsibilities regarding their personal items.

Many landlords buildings insurance policies provide cover for landlords fixtures and fittings in communal areas. Typically this will be £5,000 but you will need to check the specific cover on the policy arranged as they do differ. If you are letting your property on a furnished basis, it is important to tell us so we can seek an appropriate policy to meet your needs. Cover is available for damage to contents such as furniture and appliances from a range of specified perils. Call us for a quote and we will explain the cover and limitations that apply.  It’s important to note that this insurance does not cover normal wear and tear that occurs during a tenancy. Servicing or maintenance costs for appliances will not be insured.

In larger multi storey block with large heating boilers, lifts and mechanical plant, specialist engineering. Sudden. and unforeseen damage policies are available. You will however have to have a full preventative maintenance contract in place. Contact us for full details.

As a landlord, we strongly recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to fully understand what is and isn’t covered. Our team of insurance advisors are available to assist you with this process and can also help compare policies and cover limits from our panel of insurers. It’s important to remember that cover specifics can vary between different insurance providers and policies, so it’s always best to check with us to ensure that we have accurately recorded your latest policy and cover requirements.

For those landlords looking for additional cover to supplement the standard buildings package, you might consider additional cover such as landlord home emergency insurance. This insurance provides access to 24/7 assistance with plumbing, drainage, heating, or power issues.

Malicious tenant damage and tenant vandalism is not included in all policies, but with our panel of providers, if this is cover that you require, then our team of advisors will find you a suitable policy.

Contents insurance is generally designed to cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing non-fixed items within the property, such as furniture and appliances, in the event of fire, accidental or malicious damage, or theft.

The exclusions of a typical landlord contents insurance policy may include:

  • Wear and tear: Cover does not extend to damage resulting from normal wear and tear experienced during the tenancy period.
  • Unoccupied property: Properties that remain unoccupied for a period exceeding 30 consecutive days may not have cover under the policy.
  • Accidental damage: Certain policies may not include coverage for accidental damage automatically,  unless explicitly requested at the start of the policy.

Please note that these are general exclusions and typical of the many landlords policies available. The specifics of each cover section afforded will vary between different insurance providers and their individual policies. If you are in doubt over the policy terms that you need, always refer to us to with your requirements prior to purchase of the policy.

If you would like to know more about our monthly payment option, please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page.

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

If you would like to know more about our monthly payment option, please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page.

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