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Wet weather driving

Wet weather driving

by Jonathan Falgate

Driving in the rain and wet weather requires specific driving techniques and safety precautions. Our article offers tips and advice on wet weather driving for new and experienced drivers alike. Stay safe and avoid claims... read more

Driving home benefits for everyone

Our motor insurance aims to insure those who might otherwise be overlooked by regular insurers. Find out more about the benefits of our young driver insurance and classic car insurance by selecting one of the boxes below

Breaking conventions

Our young driver cover goes against convention by assuming young people do want to drive sensibly and if they can prove it, their premiums will decrease. We use telematics to measure this so an accurate premium can be set

Special cover for special vehicles

Our classic car insurance is designed to give you specialist cover to protect your vehicle. We understand that your vehicle is your pride but it isn’t just an ornament, so we cover you for use on the road as much as possible