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Supercar Insurance

Insurance for supercars, hypercars and prestige vehicles valued at over £75,000.

  • Cover for high-value prestige cars - including electric supercars 
  • Collections of supercars can be covered under one policy
  • UK-based support
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Why choose supercar insurance?


Supercar insurance for non-UK vehicles

We can consider supercars and high-end vehicles that are non-UK registered visiting the UK and Europe


Agreed value agreement for supercar insurance

Where an agreed value is required, we can agree this for you with the insurer


Insurance for multiple supercars

We can agree an unlimited number of cars on a single policy including a mix of combustion engine and EV


European driving insurance for supercars

Unlimited cover for driving in Europe available

About supercar insurance


Insurance for a range of supercar and hypercar brands

Towergate can provide insurance for a wide range of supercars and hypercars, for brands including Ferrari, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Lamborghini with at least one vehicle valued over £75,000.


Insurance for prestige vehicles

If you own or drive a high value prestige vehicle, we can provide cover. These vehicles would typically be high value supercars of brands including Mercedes, BMW, Maserati and Lotus.


Cover for electric supercars

Electric supercars are becoming far more common, so we can provide quotes for vehicles such as Lotus Evija, Porsche Taycan and Mercedes EQC with a minimum value of £75,000.


Supercar insurance for entertainment professionals

Towergate can consider all vehicles driven by sports professionals and entertainment professionals, regardless of their make, model or value of vehicle.

Report the claim using the new Prestige dedicated claims number: 03300 945 326 (option 1).

Once you have reported the claim to us, we will respond with the confirmation of the claims process, your allocated claims handler, and their contact number.

  • Please use your allocated claims handler's details for the duration of the claim
  • Once you have been advised of the claim number, please email any correspondence to and quote the reference number in the subject field
  • In the unlikely event that you're unable to get through, please email any new claims to
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Supercar insurance FAQs

Through the thousands of prestige vehicle policies our insurer has underwritten we’ve seen first-hand just how important these vehicles are to our customers. This has allowed our insurer to build a claims process that gives you absolute confidence from the outset that everything will be done to restore your vehicle back to working order, with minimal disruption caused.

Confidence begins with efficient service. That’s why our insurer has reduced our guaranteed response times by two thirds; when you call the prestige claims team to report a claim, they promise to take the call in under a minute. It’s why they have employed dedicated claims handlers – a single point of contact for the entire claims process who is fully fluent in the language of high-end vehicles and therefore understands what matters most to you.

Yes, our insurer has expanded their network of approved repairers across the UK, meaning no unnecessary delays as your vehicle is being assessed and repaired.

If you have a preferred garage outside of our network, then we can work with these repairers too – perfect for rare or modified vehicles. We will make it our business to give you an update every three days regarding the status of ongoing repairs or restorative work, even if the work is being undertaken outside of our approved repairer network.

And we’ll get you an estimated completion date from the outset so that you can give you a clear sense of when your vehicle is likely to be returned to you.

Yes, under our supercar product cherished plates up to the value of £10,000 can be covered.

Yes, we can provide cover for vehicles on a laid-up basis.

We can provide cover for young drivers, however relevant experience will need to be provided.

Yes we can include personal business use.

Each risk will be considered on its own merits. Modifications or imported vehicles are not an automatic decline.

Yes, we have an overseas policy which will provide cover for supercars, hypercars and prestigious vehicles valued at over £50,000 which are brought from overseas.

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