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Travel Insurance

Relaxing or adventurous? We provide travel insurance with a choice of cover options.

  • Four levels of cover available
  • Choose from single trip or annual multi trip cover
  • UK-based support
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Why choose travel insurance with Towergate?


Choose your trip duration

Choose from single trip or annual multi trip cover.


Adventure activity cover

Planning an adventurous activity? Give our team a call to see if we can cover it.


Four travel insurance options available

Four levels of cover available – select the level that meets your travel needs.

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Pay for your travel cover by Direct Debit

Choose to spread your payment into 10 monthly Direct Debit instalments.

About travel insurance


Single or annual multi trip cover

Choose from single trip cover if you’re planning on a one off break, or you need cover for up to 365 consecutive days of touring the world. Alternatively, you can opt for our Annual Multi Trip policy which will cover up to 62 consecutive days and for as many adventures as you'd like during the policy term.


Travel insurance extensions available

Should you require it, you have the choice to add on some additional extensions to your single or annual multi trip cover for an additional premium. Whether it’s a skiing holiday, a golfing or fishing trip or you require additional cover for your wedding overseas, you’ll have the option to add some additional cover and tailor the policy to suit you.


Additional sports and activities

We cover a variety of adventurous sports and activities from alligator wrestling to shark diving to bungee jumping. Whatever the activity we’re pretty sure we can cover it – just give us a call to find out.


Emergency medical treatment and expenses

Cover is included for medical expenses including repatriation under the SunWorld policies and you can get cover for up to £15 million for Medical Emergency and Repatriation Expenses. An excess may apply but we do recommend you to get a GHIC card to allow you to benefit from the health care arrangements which exist between countries within the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

In Australia you must enrol with a local MEDICARE office after the first occasion you see medical treatment and make sure you call the Emergency Claims Assistance Service for guidance. All claims are handled within the UK.

When you need to make a claim, we'll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.

  • Find your insurance documents and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number.
  • Call the claims team on the number in your policy documents and explain exactly what happened
  • Provide photos if requested to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can.
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Travel insurance FAQs

Travel insurance can cover for a variety of different incidents, from lost luggage to sickness or injury. However, many people still travel without it, leaving themselves at risk of great expense should something go wrong. This guide looks at what travel insurance is and whether you need it.

Travel insurance is a policy specifically designed to provide holidaymakers or travellers financial protection for unexpected expenses and losses, that arise out of their travel needs. Most common covers are medical emergencies, cancellations, travel delay and loss of personal possessions and baggage. It can also be extended to provide protection for additional sports and activities or even to cover pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel insurance is not a legal requirement like car insurance, but without it you are at risk of incurring huge costs should something happen when you’re away. According to a recent study by ABTA, 40% of British holidaymakers travel with the wrong cover and 22% travel without any insurance at all. Due to the costs involved most travel companies now require proof of travel insurance, prior to completing a booking or issuing travel documents.

The average cost of a travel insurance claim is more than £1000, and is significantly more if it involves medical treatment or repatriation (returning you home).

Travel insurance is often seen as an added expense to travel arrangements and one that you never think you will need. However, without it and something does go wrong, especially if it involves medical treatment, you could be faced with having to pay a great deal of money, before treatment or assistance is provided.

There are many stories in the media of such situations having happened and the difficulties faced by either the individual involved or their families back home. Having travel insurance in place when you travel abroad should be always be considered a crucial part of organising any trip.

There are a variety of travel insurance policies available and the cover you need will depend on your holiday type and requirements.

Single trip travel insurance

This cover will provide protection for a one-off break, whether that is a weekend away or a world tour of up to 365 consecutive days. The cost of this type of policy will depend on the length of your trip, the level of protection you require and the places you are travelling to. It is important that you discuss this with your adviser to ensure that you have the right level of cover.

Annual multi trip cover

Annual travel insurance cover typically provides protection for multiple trips of up to 31 consecutive days during the policy term. The level of cover for an annual policy can differ to a single trip policy so it is important that you are aware of any exclusions in your policy.

Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Some travel insurance policies may not cover for pre-existing conditions and will require you to disclose any injuries or illnesses you already have before leaving. However, there are policies available which are designed to cover pre-existing conditions so that you can feel confident that you are protected.

This will be assessed on a case by case basis. The medical screening experts will ask you several questions relating to your health condition and this will determine whether we are able to offer you cover. Please be reassured, everything you tell the team is treated with the utmost confidentiality and your details will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation. 

You'll need to notify the airline within 24 hours and obtain a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) or its equivalent. Keep hold of your tickets and any luggage tags too. Following a delay of at least 12-hours, if you have needed to purchase essential items, please retain all receipts to help substantiate reimbursement.

Limits range between £200 to £500 and are dependent on cover levels. Tablets are covered on the Premier/Premier Plus products.

Please contact the appropriate claim details above.

An EHIC entitles citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to free or reduced-cost healthcare in any of the participating countries. It covers you for any medical treatment you might need, whether you fall ill or sustain an injury during an accident, whilst in that country, it does not cover for repatriation if you have a serious accident or illness.

In addition, it does not cover you for lost luggage, stolen items or cancellation, all of which can be provided by a travel insurance policy.

Please contact Sykes Cottages directly or check their website for further instructions.

Please contact Holiday Cottages directly or check their website for further instructions.

Travel insurance covers non-refundable cancellation costs in specific circumstances, as long as you are travelling to a region where the virus has had a significant outbreak and that the UK government therefore advises against travelling to. Check your travel insurance policy for the scope of cover.

However, if you cancel your trip because of your own concern about coronavirus, but you are not travelling to a region which the UK government has advised specifically against travelling to, your travel insurance will not cover the cost.

If you buy Towergate travel insurance online or by phone through and, these are the things that are covered and not covered.

Coronavirus circumstances covered

  • If you fall ill with Covid-19 abroad and need medical treatment
  • If you fall ill with Covid-19 at home and cannot travel
  • If you or a household member have to self isolate at home and cannot travel due to Covid-19
  • If you have been denied boarding at the airport due to detected symptoms of Covid-19
  • If no government restrictions are in place at time of purchasing your insurance/booking your holiday, but then you are made redundant, cannot cover the cost of your holiday and have to cancel the trip 
  • If you are due to stay with your family, and a family member you are due to stay with has to self isolate due to Covid-19  and you wish to cancel the trip as you no longer have anywhere to stay
  • If no travel restrictions exist at time of purchasing your insurance / booking your holiday / your time of travel, but during your travel, travel restrictions are imposed asking people to return to their country of residence due to Covid-19

Coronavirus circumstances NOT covered

  • Where you cannot travel or choose not to travel because the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (or any other equivalent government body in another country) advises against travel due to a pandemic.
  • Where you cancel your trip and the reason for cancelling is not listed in the ‘what is covered’ section, including but not limited to an event you were due to travel to being cancelled, or your change in desire to travel.

You will continue to benefit from all the remaining policies within your policy including:

  • Emergency medical costs cover
  • Cancellation cover (excluding Covid-19 coronavirus)
  • Baggage and personal money cover
  • Disruption to travel

If you are planning to travel outside the UK you should check and follow the foreign travel advice on If you travel to a holiday resort or region that has been designated as a risk, and to which the UK government therefore advises you not to travel, you are likely to invalidate your travel insurance and you would not be covered if you fall ill with Covid-19.

If you are advised by the UK government to return early from a trip abroad if the holiday resort or region becomes a risk, and you are unable to get other official assistance in doing so, your travel insurance is designed to help. It should cover any costs required to leave the area and return to the UK.

Under the July 2018 Package Travel Directive, travel firms offering package holidays are legally responsible to provide either an alternative holiday / destination, defer or change travel dates or offer a 100% refund if they have to cancel or cannot provide travel service due to Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advice / travel restrictions.

You will therefore should not suffer any financial loss if you have purchased a package holiday to somewhere which has been placed under UK government restrictions due to coronavirus, and should contact your tour operator / travel agent in the first instance. 

No. ATOL compensation arrangements are designed to assist holidaymakers if a provider of package holidays fails, and not for medical outbreaks like coronavirus.

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