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Block of Flats Insurance

Block of flats insurance for freeholders, leaseholders and management companies.

  • Cover available for purpose-built buildings, maisonettes and conversions student accommodation buildings, bedsits, and more
  • Multiple properties can be covered under a single policy
  • UK-based support
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Why choose block of flats insurance with Towergate?

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Buildings insurance

Landlord insurance should always include buildings insurance which covers structural damage to the building and the cost of repairs to the building in the event of insured incidents such as fire, storm or flood.

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Loss of rent insurance

If your property becomes uninhabitable and your tenants have to move out due to an insured event such as fire, we will cover you for the loss of rental income. The cover available varies from insurer and will be tailored for you. Options of up to 36 months loss of rent are available.

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Optional extra Towergate Assistance insurance

Expedited loss adjuster service from Towergate Assist for property damage claims over £5,000.

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Pay by Direct Debit

We offer a quick and easy Direct Debit instalment scheme so you can spread payment over ten months.

About block of flats insurance

We can cover various types of blocks of flats including purpose-built multi-storey buildings with 10 or more floors. You can compare prices a range of insurers so you get the block of flats insurance for you.

We have a range of buildings and contents insurance available to you via our panel with excesses as low as £100. We can cover for flood, accidental damage and fire, plus malicious damage (if required).

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What information do I need for block of flats insurance?

Make sure you have an up-to-date reinstatement value - the cost to rebuild the block of flats. You will also need details of the number and types of tenants - whether they rent, if they are owner occupiers and if you have any vacant flats.

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Buildings and landlord contents insurance

We provide a range of buildings cover to protect against fire, storm, escape of water, accidental damage and more. The contents of communal areas such as hallways can be included to cover reception desks, furniture and furnishings, pictures, carpets etc. We have access to specialist markets should you have a history of subsidence and will ask you for engineers' reports to evidence the repairs carried out.


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Rapid loss recovery insurance

We understand that being able to fix a problem quickly in the event of a claim is vital to save you time, money and importantly to keep your tenants happy. If you suffer property damage exceeding £5,000, Towergate Assist is an optional service that will provide friendly advice and practical help to assist you with your claim. Please advise us if you would like to add either to your policy.

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Alternative accommodation cover

Typically, this cover applies in the event of damage by fires, floods, storms and other insured perils preventing your tenant(s) from living in/using the property. It’s possible that part of your responsibility as a landlord, is to provide alternative accommodation for times when the building is unhabitable. The insurance will cover the cost of this accommodation while repairs are carried out, up to 20% of your building sum insured. (Actual amounts do vary between insurers).

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Cover for blocks of flats larger than ten stories

Many insurance providers can only cover blocks up to ten floors per block. We however have access to a wide range of property insurers and can help you find a policy for your block of flats in excess of ten stories. Equally, if there is anything else unusual about your block of flats, our team are always happy to try to find a solution.

When you need to make a claim, we'll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.

  • Find your insurance documents and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number.
  • Call the claims team on 0344 892 1384 and explain exactly what happened.
  • Provide photos if requested to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can.
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Block of flats insurance FAQs

Block of flats insurance is designed for landlords who own and rent out entire blocks that can host residential or commercial tenants. Our insurance can cover risks associated with both the property and tenants. Multi-storey blocks can be accommodated, including those over ten storeys.

The price of insurance for blocks of flats can vary quite considerably, as do the size, shape and construction of the buildings we can cover. It’s therefore hard for us to give a representative average cost of insurance. What we can do is go to a panel of insurers to establish the best deal based on your individual needs. Call our team to get started.

You can make a claim for loss of rent if your block of flats is uninhabitable because of loss or damage or an accident covered by the policy. Cover available varies from insurers.

Standard malicious damage cover will not include deliberate damage caused by tenants. Ask us about adding accidental damage and malicious damage cover by tenants to your policy.

We take account of your annual rental income and the anticipated length of time taken to rebuild your property for reoccupation. Various factors impact this: a combination of type, location, construction of your property, any special features if it is of historical interest such as Grade 1 or 2 listed building in England, Wales or the equivalent in Scotland.

Yes, landlord portfolio insurance combines the insurance of all your properties on one policy. Having all of your properties insured together means one renewal date, one insurance provider and is administratively efficient, plus your policy will often be cheaper too.

We can provide a range of landlords insurance policies, including for residential, commercial, mixed-use and multiple premises.

Read our article to find out which is best for you.

This service will advise you on what you can claim for, helping you to assess the damage and obtain repair estimates. If you choose Towergate Assist, your loss adjustor will arrange a visit to the property. Alternatively, we can offer Virtual Assist, this is a similar phone-based service. These services apply to Property Damage claims greater than £5,000.

Your buildings sum insured should represent the current rebuilding value of the property following a total loss, including labour and material and the costs of debris removal, architects' and surveyors fees and other professional costs.

You can contact the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for independent professional advice. As the costs of labour and materials can change we recommend you have a professional rebuild valuation survey conducted regularly – at least every three years.

Yes. we are able to cover properties that become unoccupied for up to 30 days on a standard package for fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft. This period may be extended with full details and referral to insurers.
We can arrange cover for properties that are unoccupied for periods longer than 30 days with some of our specialist insurers.

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The premiums are generally refunded on a pro-rata basis. Therefore, if you have paid in full for the year then you would be entitled to a return of premium (minus commission and fee). Likewise, if you are paying by direct debit there will either be an outstanding balance to pay or a return due back to you, depending on where your payments fall in the month. Most insurers are unlikely to allow a refund where a claim(s) have been made in the current year.

In the event of a severe fire loss (or other insured peril) your property would not be fit for occupation, and you may suffer a loss of rental income until the property has been fully repaired. The length of time it will take to repair your building will vary from customer to customer.

All buildings are different - and you must take into account the location, age, type and construction of the property. Specialist properties, grade 1 and 2, can take longer to build due to the building materials and specialist building skills required. It is best to be cautious and consider a minimum of 24 months or longer, as there is always the chance of unexpected and unforeseen difficulties causing delay.

If you need cover for subsidence, we can provide it. However, there is a 'but' – if your property has a history of subsidence we’ll require an inspection of the property to establish the risk of further damage before we provide cover.

All insurers are wary of properties with subsidence, even if it was 10 years ago, but usually we won’t have trouble finding you insurance as long as you can provide the correct paperwork to prove the initial cause has been dealt with and subsequent checks have been made. Speak to us on the phone, or via email, and we can discuss your options with you.

Yes, you can pay your block of flats insurance in instalments. To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

If you would like to know more about our monthly payment option, please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page.

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