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Equine Insurance

Specialist insurance for horses, stables, livery yards and horseboxes.

  • Bespoke equine insurance suited to your horses, stables or equipment
  • Option to add personal accident cover against accidental bodily injury, dental costs and death to your equine insurance

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What is equine insurance?

Our equine insurance policies care designed for horses, ponies, stables, livery yards, trailers, horseboxes, and veteran and bloodstock horses. They provide protection for your animals against illness and accident, third-party liability cover for riding accidents, and breakdown recovery when out on the road with your horsebox or trailer, saving you time and money.

What does equine insurance cover?

Our horse insurance covers death, theft and straying of your horse as standard, while our horse trailer insurance includes trailer hire, cover for theft and breakdown, and new for old replacement for equipment damaged beyond repair.

Other key equine insurance features we offer include:

  • Veterinary fees
  • Personal accident for to the rider, who may be you - or another person who is handling or riding the horse, with your permission
  • Saddlery and tack – damage, loss or theft
  • Permanent loss of use – due to e.g. accident, injury or illness in the horse
  • Horse hospitalisation costs
  • Third party public liability

Equine Insurance Articles & Guides

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For hundreds of years a basic knowledge of horse care was vital to many people who used horses for transport and business. Nowadays, the primary virtue of a horse is as a valued and rewarding companion, so the real work is in the ethical and legal responsibility of you as the owner to ensure that your horse has all the essential requirements for its continued contentment and health.

From the choice of a livery yard to what to have in a grooming kit, it can often seem like there is an endless list of things to cover. Here is our basic guide to some of the key areas of horse care.

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Horse Riding Tips

Learning to ride a horse can be a rewarding pastime for many reasons. Horses have long been regarded as trusted and valuable companions. However, it is understandable to be wary of a large animal whose unpredictable behaviour means they can even spook at a plastic bag.

Whether you are seeking to pursue horse riding as a sport, or simply as an occasional hobby, it is important to consider the time and patience you will need in developing your experience. Here are some basic riding tips to get you started.

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Do I need equine insurance?

Yes, whether you have horses for personal or business purposes, equine insurance is highly recommended. Horses are an expensive investment: illness, injury, theft or an accident may result in high compensation and legal bills, but equine insurance protects you should the worst happen.

What equine insurance do I need?

This depends on whether you have horses for personal or business purposes, but key aspects are:

  1. Cover for the death of your horse
  2. Public liability insurance
  3. Horse rider insurance

Insurance for the death of your horse protects you against the costs of accident, illness or disease it suffers. We can also cover you for removal and disposal of the body.

Public liability insurance is a key part of your equine insurance, as it protects you against legal costs incurred by injuries to members of public and damage to property, caused by your horse, horsebox or trailer.

You can also include horse rider insurance, which covers you and others against personal accidents incurred when riding your horse with your permission.

Exclusions to equine insurance

Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from our equine insurance - you are therefore not covered for illnesses or injuries your horse had before taking out a policy with us.

We also do not cover horses over 19 years of age.

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