Equine Insurance

Specialist equine insurance suited to your horse, stables, livery yards, horseboxes or equipment as protecting your horse is just the start.

Equine Insurance FAQs


Do I need equine insurance?


Yes, whether you have horses for personal or business purposes, equine insurance is highly recommended. Horses are an expensive investment: illness, injury, theft or an accident may result in high compensation and legal bills, but equine insurance protects you should the worst happen.


What equine insurance do I need?


This depends on whether you have horses for personal or business purposes, but key aspects are:

  1. Cover for the death of your horse
  2. Public liability insurance
  3. Horse rider insurance

Insurance for the death of your horse protects you against the costs of accident, illness or disease it suffers. We can also cover you for removal and disposal of the body.

Public liability insurance is a key part of your equine insurance, as it protects you against legal costs incurred by injuries to members of public and damage to property, caused by your horse, horsebox or trailer.

You can also include horse rider insurance, which covers you and others against personal accidents incurred when riding your horse with your permission.


Exclusions to equine insurance


Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from our equine insurance - you are therefore not covered for illnesses or injuries your horse had before taking out a policy with us.

We also do not cover horses over 19 years of age.