Horse Trailer Insurance

Our Horse Trailer Insurance helps keep you covered while you're on the road with your horse.

  • We can cover horse trailers up to a value of £20,000 against theft, accidental and malicious damage, storm damage and more
  • We can cover factory fitted accessories and European cover up to 60 days at a time
  • Our staff all either ride or own horses so you can be sure you’re speaking to someone who knows their tack from their tow bars.

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Our team are happy to walk you through the different types of cover available, here’s just some of ways we can help:

New for old cover

If your trailer is under two years old, we'll pay out the 'as new' price if it is written off. If it's older than two years though, we'll still pay out on a 'market value' basis. This means we'll pay out however much your trailer is worth at the time.

Trailer hire in the event of a claim

Picture this: you need to get to an event but you’ve submitted a claim for your trailer and it can’t be fixed in time. This needn’t be such a nightmare because with our horse trailer insurance, you can hire a trailer (costing up to 10% of the value of your trailer) once your claim has been accepted and processed by the insurer. This means you can still go to your event and not lose out on any prepaid entry fees.


It’s all well and good getting your trailer repaired and back on the road, but what about getting it to the repairer in the first place? Pick up or recovery of your trailer could cost a considerable amount. With our policy however, you may be able to claim that money back (subject to insurers' terms and conditions). We'll also let you choose your repairer so, if you’ve got someone in mind just let us know.

Theft and malicious damage

Theft cover is included as long as your Trailer is fitted with a wheel clamp when it's not in use, failure to do this could result is a theft claim not being paid. We also like to encourage safe storage so if your trailer is worth over £10,000, we can provide discounts of your store it on your driveway or in a garage. Other savings are available for different storage arrangements. We must stress that theft cover doesn't include the contents of the trailer.

Horse Trailer Insurance Claims

Though your horse trailer insurance claim will be managed and settled by your insurer, our friendly equine team are dedicated to helping you keep your claim moving forward.

Simply call using the number below and we'll advise you of the next steps in the process. We'll continue to guide you through as and when you need us thereafter.

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Horse Trailer Insurance FAQs

Why do I need liability insurance?

Liability insurance is there in case you damage someone else’ property while the trailer is not attached to your vehicle. For example, you may accidently drop a ramp on someone’s car bonnet or your trailer might roll away an injure someone. When your trailer is attached to your vehicle it is likely you will be covered by your car insurance . If in any doubt, please check with your motor insurer.

Are there any discounts for storing my trailer at home?

If your trailer is worth over £10,000, we’ll give you a discount when you store it at home i.e. on your drive way or in a garage. Savings can be made with other storage arrangements – please ask your advisor for more details.

Can I lend my trailer to a friend?

As long as your friend has the correct license to tow, you can lend it to them. However, you can’t hire it out to them for financial gain.

Can I insure a trailer I’m hiring/borrowing from a friend?

No. Unfortunately you must own the trailer to insure it.

What sort of security precautions should I take?

In order for your cover to be valid, we require a wheel clamp to be secured to your trailer when it’s not in use. Wheel locks do not offer quite the same level of security so these are not acceptable. We also advise using a hitch lock but this is not essential.

Can you insure any type of trailer?

Almost. As long as it’s not home made. We cover Ifor Williams, Equi-trek and other factory made trailers.

Can I keep my trailer in a field?

We certainly wouldn’t recommend it as the conditions of the policy state we cannot insure your trailer against theft and/or damage if it is left in a field.

Will there be an excess if I need to claim?

Yes. The standard excess is £50 for accidental damage and £100 for theft, however these could change depending on your requirements. Your excesses will also be explained to you at the point of quotation so if you have any questions please do ask. Please also ensure that you read your policy summary and schedule to make sure you understand how much you may have to pay yourself.

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