About Military Personal Accident Insurance


Three levels of cover

Choose form 3 different levels of cover to find the policy that suits your needs


Dedicated military contents team

Our specialist Customer Service Team are there for you Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm


Optional Family Cover

You can choose to extend the cover to your family so you don’t need to take out a separate policy

Direct Debit

Spread the cost

You can pay for your policy by spreading the cost over monthly direct debit instalments

Features of Military Personal Accident Insurance

Standard cover

Hazardous Occupations

There are no additional charges for hazardous occupations such as EOD or Special Forces

Accidental Death

Our policies cover you for accidental death as standard, you just need to choose how much you would like to be covered for

Hospital Cash

Our policies will provide you with cash whilst you are in hospital up to 365 days in total. From £15, £30 or £60 per day depending on your level of cover

Permanent Disability Benefits

Our policies can cover loss of limbs, eyes, hearing or speech as standard

Military Personal Accident Insurance FAQs


What is military personal accident insurance and what does it cover?


Our armed forces personal accident insurance can offer you various levels of cover and you can cover yourself or your family, whether you serve in the Army, RAF, Marines or another part of the military. Our insurance products have been developed for those with an understanding of what military life is like.

Our personal accident product provides cover for specified injuries, caused by an accident with three levels of cover to choose from. Benefits include hospital cash and convalescence.


Do I need military personal accident insurance?


Our armed forces personal accident insurance is designed to give you financial assistance by covering various injuries from broken bones to those that may have a major impact on your life.

Our policies are constructed specifically for military personnel with your job roles and situations in mind. We offer military personnel the comfort of knowing that they will have the support of a knowledgeable adviser to arrange their insurance.


How much does military personal accident insurance cost?


Our personal accident policy offers three different cover levels, therefore it's difficult to give an average cost. However, with a range of cover levels and benefits, our military insurance advisers can talk you through the options available.


Where can I find full details of my policy?


We have provided a summary of the key features of the policy, above. For details of the terms and conditions applicable, please refer to the insurance product information document and policy wording, which are available during the quotation process.


What happens if I leave the military?


Our product is designed for those currently serving in Her Majesty’s Forces. If you do leave the military, please let us know and if you still require personal accident cover in your day-to-day civilian life we also have an alternative product offering.


What is the maximum age limit covered by your military personal accident insurance?


We cannot offer cover to anyone aged over 60 years old at the start of the insurance.

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These are just some of the key features and exclusions, full details will be found in your policy wording.

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