'Twas the night before Christmas and in the North Pole,
Father Christmas was stressing about presents and coal.

The elves in the factory, were busy loading the sleigh,
and preparing the reindeer, destination: UK.

It was time to bolt-up his non-standard abode,
In its flood-plane location, and long-winding road.

Close all of the windows, lock all of the doors,
All preventative measures taken, for ol' Mister Claus.

Non-standard home insurance
While Father Christmas journeys around the UK, he leaves behind his six-bedroom, timber, detached, Grade I listed £2m home in the North Pole, which needs adequate protection.

Now onto the elves he has two-hundred strong,
Who work in his factory, all year long.

With pensions and holidays, they cost quite a bit,
Any mistakes elves make will cost ol' St. Nick.

Employer's liability insurance
A merry workforce made up of 200 elves, Father Christmas is responsible for protecting their health and wealth. If an elf incurred injury, whilst hammering a wooden menagerie, he would need to make sure his protection is quality.

The factory itself, with all of its stock,
Needs cover as well, all round the clock.

In case of a flood, a theft or a fire,
But enough about that, we're down to the wire.

Commercial property insurance
Santa's toy workshop, where the magic takes place, needs round the clock cover in case of theft, fire – or in his case – flooding.

It's the night before Christmas, didn't you know?
The sleigh's fully packed, it's all systems go.

Here come the reindeer, let's hope none are sick,
Not having all eight, would be hard for Saint Nick.

Reindeer's vet's insurance
With eight working reindeer to get the sleigh moving, it's important they are all in tip top health. If one or more were sick, this could be costly for our ol' Saint Nick. As with all his pets, he insists on top vets.

A man of his age, needs lots of endurance,
Just as well he was covered, with travel insurance.

Diving down chimneys, flying through the sky,
Quite daredevil antics, for quite an old guy.

Over 65s travel insurance
Father Christmas would fall into this category, meaning specialist cover for his daredevil activities, such as sleigh-flying, chimney diving and roof hopping; there’s nothing average about this well-wisher!

So we're up, up and away,
In the world-famous sleigh,

Bursting full at the seams,
With toys of children's dreams.

If the toys were to break, or topple down below,
Christmas would be a disaster, without this special cargo.

Commercial vehicle insurance with goods in transit
As he flies around the UK, there is a risk of something happening such as a bump with a drone, plane or shooting star, he'd need to make sure he could pay for any damage. But wait – let's not forget the precious cargo, because with £1.4 billion worth of toys for girls and boys he needs a policy in place in case they topple off and break.

It's time to deliver the games and the toys,
To all of the good little girls and boys.

They've left a mince pie, hopefully milk over brandy,
To be drunk on the job just wouldn't be handy.

Father Christmas suffers from oopsy-daisies and spills,
Just as well he's got insurance, to cover the bills.

If he didn't have cover, the damage would come out of his salary,
Look - another mince pie! (Someone think of the calories).

Public/products liability
With so many mince pies, the big man may get stuck in a chimney, or cover a carpet with soot. If he ruined any contents or caused any damage, he would need to have this cover or else he will foot the bill for all that soot!

With the presents delivered, and Father Christmas about to bail,
It was time for the finale of this yuletide tale.

A ring of the bells and a loud "Ho Ho Ho",
"On Dancer, on Prancer, on Rudolph - let's go!"

Performing arts insurance
Father Christmas needs to protect his trademark "Ho Ho Ho". This specialist policy, is definitely NOT a no, no, no. We would highly recommend this, for our magical friend, should anything go wrong with his jolly tones, while travelling through those London zones.

A year's preparation, for one night of the year,
Was all worth it to spread lots of Christmas cheer.

It's lucky the big man has the insurance he needs,
To reward boys and girls, for all their good deeds.

So as he whistled a tune, and he drove out of sight,
You could hear him exclaim,
"Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!"

How much would it cost to insure Father Christmas?

We've seen all the cover Father Christmas requires - come rain, shine or frost he needs cover for the lot.
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Now, we know there is only one Father Christmas, but if you're a business owner, landlord or non-standard property owner please contact us with your requirements.

Specialist and niche are our thing and even flying sleighs and magic elves warrant cover,
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Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas From Towergate