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Specialist home insurance cover for your property, however unusual

Cover whether your home is of non-standard construction or its listed, has a flat roof, subsidence, is in a flood risk area, or if you've had claims before. Designed with your unique needs in mind, you can be sure we have you covered.

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Specialist home insurance features

At Towergate, we can cover an extensive range of circumstances, property types and uses.  Whether you fall into one or more of these categories, please click on the links below for further information:

Specialist home insurance exclusions

  • If unoccupied after 60 days there is no cover for malicious damage, theft or escape of water

  • Storm damage to fences, gates or hedges

  • Damage caused by wear and tear and depreciation

  • Malicious damage caused by person lawfully in the home

  • Loss or damage occurring while home is let or sublet, unless involuntary forcible and violent entry to or exit from the home

  • The first £250 for escape of water claims, £1,000 for subsidence/heave/landslip claims and £100 for all other claims.

These are just some of the key exclusions/limitations, full details will be found in policy wordings.

Specialist home insurance FAQs

  • What excess do I have to pay on this policy?

  • You can choose an excess from £100 to £250. If you go for the higher amount, this will reduce your premium. Certain types of constructions have a higher excess - such as flat-roofed properties. For more information speak to one of our sales advisors on 0844 892 1750.

  • Can Towergate arrange immediate cover?

  • This depends on your circumstances and the type of property you want to insure. The quickest way to find out is to speak to one of our advisors on 0844 892 1750.

  • What do I do if I need to cancel my cover?

  • You are entitled to a full refund of the premium paid if you find the policy unsuitable for your needs and cancel it within 14 days of receipt of your policy documents (as long as no claims have been made). If you need to cancel your cover you will be charged relevant administration costs for setting up the policy. Please call us or notify us in writing with the reason for cancellation and state the date from which you need cover to cease. Remember, if your policy is in more than one name, all policyholders will need to sign the letter. If you have any other queries please don't hesitate to contact the customer services team on 0844 892 1750.

  • Would you insure my property if it is both listed and timber framed?

  • Yes. We can cover for both of these situations.

  • Do I have to keep my property maintained?

  • If you have a flat roof, a professional builder or roofer will need to visit your property every 8 years to inspect it and any necessary repairs should be carried out.

  • Would I still be covered for theft under this policy?

  • Yes. As long as there is forcible entrance into or exit out of your property, you will be covered.

Specialist home insurance claims promise

Our claims team

Handling all claims up to a value of £25,000 ourselves, you can be sure that you have the benefit of talking to our specialist home insurance experts should the worst happen.

Our dedicated claims professionals are all trained and experienced in managing property insurance claims and are available from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Your specialist home insurance claim

When it comes to our claims service you can be assured that we will react quickly and professionally. We are committed to keeping your claim moving forward, allowing you to get your home back in shape as quickly as possible, normally within our average claims lifecycle of just 22 days.

With no claims forms for you to fill in, simply call us using the number in your policy documents and our team will talk you through the details of your claim. We will advise and guide you through the next steps and will stay in regular contact with you right the way through to a fair and honest settlement.

In line with our service pledge, we will act within 24 hours of being notified of your claim and within five days if you provide us with new information on an existing claim. If a loss adjuster is required we will appoint you one. As with all of our suppliers, they will be in contact with you within 24 hours to ensure your claim runs quickly and smoothly.

Furthermore, when it comes to appointing suppliers, you have two options. You can choose to use one of our approved suppliers, allowing us to take the financial and organisation burden from you, or you can use your own contractors and we will pay them directly.

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