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iKube infographic breakdown Editor's Choice

iKube infographic breakdown


As car insurance premiums for young and new drivers rocket higher and higher Towergate have created a new product to combat the unfair stereotyping that's forcing careful and talented drivers to accept expensive policies. Using GPS technology drivers behaviour can be closely monitored. By also agreeing to a driving curfew we can not only offer cheaper initial premiums but once the driver has proven their ability to drive safely we can also offer a unique quote relative to their risk... Not their generations. read more

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Employee dishonesty

Employee dishonesty

by Towergate

Though the majority of your employees will be loyal and trustworthy, sadly there are dishonest people out there and despite your best efforts to screen them out during the recruitment process, you may at some point have to deal with a dishonest employee. Employee dishonesty can take many forms and can cause serious losses via theft or by leaking sensitive information outside of the business. We explain how you can insure against this risk and offer advice as to how to minimise the risk posed by dishonest employees. read more

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