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Block of Flats Insurance

Specialist block of flats insurance whether you're freeholder and leaseholder or a management company.

  • Insurance available for blocks of flats which have 10 or more floors
  • Alternative accommodation cover provided for your tenants
  • Optional extra claims service from Towergate Assist or Virtual Assist

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What does insurance for a block of flats cover?

Building and landlord’s contents insurance

We provide a range of buildings cover to protect against fire, escape of water, accidental damage and more. If you have a history of subsidence we may be able to cover you for this too, in this case all we ask is that you get your property inspected so we can apply the correct cover. The contents of communal areas such as hallways can be included to cover reception desks, furniture and furnishings, plant pots etc.

Towergate Assist & Virtual Assist Loss Recovery Insurance

We understand that being able to fix a problem quickly in a claims scenario may save you money and enable you to keep your tenants happy. If you suffer and incident where the claim exceeds £5000, this service will provide you with an appointed claims adviser within 24 hours; to organise alternative accommodation, surveyors, valuers and builders as required. If you choose Virtual Assist this will be arranged over the phone or with Towergate Assist, your loss adjustor will arrange a visit to the property. Please advise us if you would like to add either to your policy.

Alternative accommodation cover

This cover applies in the event of damage by an insured peril, such as fire, prevents your tenant from inhabiting the property. It’s possible that part of your responsibility as a landlord, is to provide alternative accommodation for times where the building is not liveable. The insurance will therefore cover the cost of this accommodation while repairs are carried out, up to 20% of your total sum insured.

Cover for blocks of flats larger than ten stories

Many insurance providers can only cover ten flats per block. We however have access to a wide range of property insurers and therefore can help you find a policy for your block of flats, even if there are more than ten. Equally, if there is anything else unusual about your block of flats, our team are always happy to try to find a solution. Please note this does not extend to bedsits.

Block of Flats Insurance Claims

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and help get your claim settled as quickly as possible.

Generally, claims are ultimately settled by the insurer who administrates your policy. However, we will always be here to answer any questions you may have and help explain anything you may find to be complicated.

All you need to do to is email us with: your policy number, a phone number to reach you on, details of your claim and photos where possible and relevant.

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Block of Flats Insurance FAQs

What is block of flats insurance?

Block of flats insurance is designed for landlords who own and rent out entire blocks. They can host residential or commercial tenants and consist and insurance can cover both risks associated with the property and tenants.

How much does block of flats insurance cost?

The price of insurance for blocks of flats can vary quite considerably, as do the size and shapes of the buildings we can cover. It’s therefore hard for us to give a representative average cost of insurance. What we can do is go to a panel of insurers to establish the best deal based on your individual needs. Call our team to get started.

If I don’t receive rent for a period, can I claim for this?

You can make a claim for loss or rent if your block of flats is uninhabitable because of damage or an accident covered by the policy. If you have this cover on your policy, not only will we pay loss of rent but also for the alternative accommodation of your tenants for the time they cannot inhabit the property.

What If a tenant causes deliberate damage to the property when they leave?

With malicious damage cover in place, if a tenant causes deliberate damage to your building or your contents, you’ll be able to claim and we’ll do our best to recover the cost of the damage caused. However, malicious damage cover is rarely included as standard therefore you must request this cover to ensure it is included on your policy.

I own multiple properties, can I insure them all together?

Yes, landlord portfolio insurance combines the insurance of all your properties on one policy. Having all of your properties insured together means one renewal date, one insurance provider and your policy will often be cheaper too.

Can I pay in instalments?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

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