Managing staff absence in your practice

Statistics from the CIPD show that staff absence levels have dropped in the public sector however, staff absence is still a concern. Read on to find out more and how Towergate can help.

The recently released results of the CIPD Absence Management Survey show that while the overall average level of employee absence in the public sector has slightly dropped compared to last year, it is still significantly higher than in other sectors and absences as the result of stress have actually increased year on year.

Over 90% of public sector organisations record their annual employee absence rate. The survey recently conducted concludes that average absence levels are highest in the public services and non-profit sectors. The average employee absence in the public sector in 2014 was 7.9 days, compared to 8.7 days in 2013. When broken down further, the average increases to 9.6 days in the health sector.

This amount of absence would, undoubtedly, have an impact on the day to day running of your practice.

What’s more; a quarter of working time lost in the public sector is attributed to long-term absence of four weeks or more, with stress being ranked in the top 5 causes of absence. With ever-more demanding workloads and budget constraints, would you be able to cope if one of your key members of staff were off for that amount of time?


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