Stress in the work place

A study preformed by Kenexa High Performance Institute has shown that 35% of UK employees are now enduring an unreasonable level of workplace stress. The care industries are notoriously some of the most stressful work environments so we have looked into what managers can do to support their staff.

Stress in the work place

Studies have shown that the main causes of stress in the work place are due to worries about job security, poor leadership, management behaviour and pay grumbles.

With the workplace going through one of its greatest ever periods of pressure, it is important that employers offer employees the right support and advice.

In an industry that has the highest display of stress levels, managers have a critical role in managing employee well-being and minimising issues. Once problems are identified, managers should be prepared to discuss related issues with employees, and seek to develop individual action plans where reasonable and appropriate.

The management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations state that every employer should provide adequate health and safety training.

The way staff are supported is key to reducing, or moderating, work-related stress. Employers should tackle these issues by building resilience, supporting employee benefits relating to wellness, and promoting alignment and engagement amongst workers.

It is sensible to have regular meetings with your employees and a documented appraisal system is even better. This gives both the employer and employee an opportunity to raise issues, including matters such as excessive hours and/ or complaints of harassment.

Towergate Patrick offers, as standard, access to a free, confidential, stress counselling service that allows employers to manage personal and work related stress, helping you to reduce absenteeism and defend against stress claims.

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