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Commercial Combined Insurance

Tailored commercial combined insurance to suit your business needs in a single policy with one renewal date.

  • Flexible policies to suit a variety of businesses including manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers
  • Combine a number of covers including property damage and business interruption in your unique policy package
  • Our position in the market enables us to source some of the best products in the market

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Features of our commercial combined insurance

Bespoke cover for a wide range of businesses

The flexibility of our commercial combined insurance allows us to create a bespoke cover for a variety of business types, including but not limited to, manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, installation, service and repair companies, importers, exporters, distributors, retailers, contractors, printers, metalworkers, precision engineers and many more.

Commercial fire and theft insurance

A comprehensive commercial combined package will protect your business and its premises through property damage insurance. It can be made up of covers including commercial fire and theft, buildings, business equipment and machinery, stock, business interruption, and goods in transit. Commercial fire and theft insurance includes protection against perils such as fire, electrical fire, arson, damage to property caused by theft or attempted theft, and actual theft of business property.

Tailored commercial combined insurance

Our commercial combined insurance can be tailored to suit your business needs. Tell us your requirements and we will combine commercial covers to create one, straightforward policy. Factors to be considered include business size, location, number of employees, turnover, industry sector, market reach, activities, processes and machinery used.

Risk management and discounts

Managing and reducing your business risks can help lower your premium. Your insurer will provide you with endorsements applicable to your policy, which in turn may outline certain safety measures. Following them will not only help reduce the likelihood of accidents but also support a potential claim. Our advisers can help you find ways to mitigate risk and negotiate discounts on your behalf.

Commercial Combined Insurance Claims

In the event of a claim please give us a call and we will talk through your claim and help guide you through your next steps in the process.

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Commercial Combined Insurance FAQs

What is commercial combined insurance?

Commercial combined insurance is a package policy which can be tailored to specific needs of many business types. Even companies operating in the same sector are likely to have different business models, processes, machinery, staff numbers etc., meaning their commercial combined policies will need to reflect their individual requirements. As such commercial combined insurance is the go-to policy for warehouses, wholesalers, manufacturers, workshops, factories, importers, exporters and distributors, and more.

What does commercial combined insurance cover?

The policy covers a variety of risks, but its main pillars are liability and business insurance. Every commercial combined package is built with you as the specific client in mind to match your business requirements.

It can include covers for public and product liability; employers’ liability; work away; machinery and plant; tenants improvements; fixtures and fittings; tools; equipment; computers; electronic items; stock of raw materials; work in progress and finished stock; book debts; money; glass; goods in transit; plus many more. These covers include protection against various perils like fire, theft, storm, flood, accidental damage, malicious damage and more.

Our advisers will be happy to provide you with more details, so feel free to get in touch.

How does commercial combined insurance work?

Commercial combined insurance is almost like a ‘pick’n’mix’ for your business – you explain your needs to us, we find the most relevant covers and put them together for you in one easy-to-use policy. The following factors, amongst others, will play a role in the contents of the package we will offer to you: your business size, location, number of employees, turnover, industry sector, market reach (domestic / foreign), activities, processes and machinery used. Getting to grips with your business intricacies will allow us to better understand risks it is facing on daily basis and suggest a bespoke solution to protect you, the business owner, from them.

My business has previous claims, how can you help me?

Business insurance is not as simple as home insurance or car insurance. When a commercial insurance policy is put together, your business will be assessed for potential risk on an individual basis.

If you have had a claim in the past it is good practice to review the cause of loss and take action where possible to reduce the potential for it occurring again. This could be a combination of revised procedures, processes and/or improved security. Demonstrating that you have learned from the incident and implemented risk mitigation factors lowers the chance of claims reoccurring.

Improving how your risk management is perceived can increase the number of insurers we can approach for quotations and enables us to negotiate better terms for your insurance cover and premiums.

If I employ staff within my business is it required by law to have employers' liability as part of my package?

Any business employing any amount of staff, whether they are full time, part time, labour-only sub contractors or volunteers, needs employers’ liability insurance as a legal requirement. One of our advisers will be able to add this to your quote, so feel free to ask us.

Do I need to tell my employees that I have employers' liability insurance?

When you take out or renew a policy including employers' liability insurance with us we will provide you with a certificate of employers' liability insurance that will state the companies covered by the policy. This must be displayed where your employees can read it. You may display your certificate electronically but if you choose to do so you must ensure that your employees know how and where to find it and have reasonable access.

Can you cover theft-attractive or high-valued stock and contents?

Yes. A variable level of cover is available against theft of your commercial property stock and contents, as well as optional covers against theft of money on the premises. Insurers security requirements will take into account your location, a type and amount of theft attractive property, i.e. stock, computers, business equipment as well as possessions.

How can I correctly value my contents and stock?

For general contents - you must insure for the full replacement value at today's prices.

For stock, the values must represent the replacement cost to you as the policyholder. Costs can vary depending on your position in the supply chain (manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or the end consumer).

How can I correctly value my buildings?

Your buildings sum insured must represent the full rebuilding cost to you of your property at today's prices inclusive of materials and labour (rather than the market value). You should also make due allowance for your VAT status if you are unable to recover VAT.

Be aware of additional design, planning, legal and professional, and site clearance and debris removal costs.

For expert independent professional advice you can contact the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Can I pay in instalments?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

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