Helping Customers During Covid-19


At Towergate, we aim to always put our customers at the heart of everything we do. In the current challenging times, we are delighted to have been able to help one of our clients, Chart One Automotive Limited, who answered the UK Govt’s call to UK businesses for assistance in securing personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS workers.

Chart One Automotive Limited (who specialise in the manufacture of high quality car covers and equipment) got the product specifications approved by the government appointed bodies and was awarded two contracts to supply a total of 92,000 PPE coveralls. They then approached us as their insurance provider to seek advice, and to see if it was possible to include these specialist items in their existing policy.

What was the challenge?

Obtaining additional products cover for PPE is not normally a straightforward or easy process. PPE is classed as hazardous and would usually require a completely new policy. This can be time consuming due to the complexity of the cover required and the stringent requirements outlined by the Government. To be able to start supplying PPE quickly, additional insurance cover was an immediate priority.

How did we help?

Our in-house team recognised that this was not a simple product extension but wanted to explore the option. They spent time researching and understanding the details behind the government call for assistance to gauge the risk. As PPE is deemed a higher risk item taking on this liability would be precarious for any business. Arranging such cover is challenging as markets for higher risk items tend to be limited.

Equipped with the knowledge of the government effort and international product standards, the team were able to provide all the necessary information and assurances to the existing insurer to assess the risk.

The outcome

This resulted in Chart One Automotive Limited only having a few questions to answer before Towergate was successfully able to confirm cover to include the PPE for a small additional premium - less than 10% of the total premium. The whole process was concluded really quickly – around half the time such a specialist cover request would take.

Covid-19 is creating all sorts of challenges for businesses. At Towergate, we don’t have a “computer says no” approach and instead ask “why not?” and look to find a solution.

Richard Barton of Chart One Automative was delighted with the service:

“When we talked to Towergate about extending our liability cover everything was very straightforward despite the emergency lockdown conditions. There were no complicated forms or detailed disclaimers, just a simple exchange of information, a small additional charge to pay and within hours we had peace of mind.

"We are proud to be putting our abilities and contacts at the UK Governments disposal to ensure that the much needed PPE arrived swiftly to protect our doctors and nurses and we are very grateful for the speedy assistance from Towergate Insurance. Great British businesses working together at their best!”

Towergate Insurance

Date: August 20, 2021

Category: Coronavirus Guidance

At a Glance

What was the challenge?

How did we help?

The outcome

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