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Storing your bicycle securely at home

With almost 400,000 bikes stolen in the UK each year bicycle security is big business and should be front of mind for all bicycle owners. Getting your bike insurance sorted is a good starting point, but an insufficiently secured bike could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful insurance claim.

It’s important to make sure that your bike is locked even when stored at home. It’s key to make sure that your bike is out of sight - so that it remains out of mind for an opportunistic thief.

If you’re investing in a ground anchor, make sure that it’s properly secured to a wall or concrete floor. Securing it to something that can be easily removed, such as a laminate floor, is pointless.

It is wise to ensure that your bike is kept in either: a privately accessed lockable shed, outbuilding or garage which is within the boundaries of your home (i.e. in your own garden); a self-contained lockable private room or communal hallway inside your place of residence; or a purpose-built cycle storage facility.

What bicycle security requirements are there?

If your bike is insured, it is advisable to make sure that you’re using a lock specifically designed for cycles, motor scooters or motorcycles that has been approved to Sold Secure testing standards.

Make sure you have cycle insurance

However you enjoy your bike, you'll need insurance that suits you. We offer a range of cycling insurance products that gives you the option to choose the cover you’ll need, including worldwide cover for your bike and accessories. Start your cycling insurance quote online now.

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Leaving your bicycle securely in public

Many a bike has been stolen in broad daylight on a busy high street. It may seem obvious, but just because you’re dashing into a shop for two minutes and there are plenty of people around, it doesn’t mean that your bike won’t get nabbed - and it will almost certainly mean that the insurance provider won’t accept your claim!

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that regardless of how secure your lock has the potential to be, it’s utterly pointless if you’re not using it correctly. Be sure to always lock your bike to something that can’t be moved or broken.