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Dental Nurse Insurance

Niche medical indemnity policies designed specifically for dental nurses.

  • Designed to meet all requirements set by the General Dental Council (GDC)
  • Legal protection up to £250,000 for investigations against you
  • Our dedicated team has 20 years of experience and are on hand to help you at every step

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Our cover is tailored to meet your needs as a dental nurse. We help with the following:

Meeting GDC guidelines

This care insurance policy is designed to meet all requirements set out by the GDC and protects you for any of your services sitting chair-side to the dentist and within the scope of practice of GDC. If you operate outside the scope of these guidelines we will not be able to cover subsequent claims.

Legal defence cover

If you need to defend yourself, the policy provides up to £250,000 of cover if you are taken to a practice hearing by the GDC. Please be aware you must inform us as soon as you become aware of a GDC notification.

If your workplace provides medical indemnity

If you are already indemnified by your employer you may not have defence cover in the event of GDC investigation/hearing, we can offer this as a standalone policy. This will extend to cover you in the event of a GDC investigation/hearing.

Cover for dental nurses working outside of a practice

It’s not just dental nurses working in practices who we can help. If you are a dental nurse who is qualified as a tutor, educator, assessor or moderator we are also able to help, just let us know when you call.

Dental Nurse Insurance Claims

Should you need to make a claim, there are no forms to fill in, you‘ll speak to a member of the team. You are welcome to contact us even if a claim has not yet arisen and we encourage you to report any incident which could lead to a claim. Letting us know early on will not prejudice your claim but means we can get the process started for you or simply put your mind at ease.

Make sure you keep a record of all correspondence related to your claim and please do not admit liability or speak with the claimant as this could affect the outcome of your claim.

Our in-house dental nurse insurance claims handlers are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to support you. Furthermore, if you have a more urgent concern, we offer a 24-hour helpline.

Need to make a claim?

Call us or email us with:

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  • A contact number
  • Details of your claim
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Dental Nurse Insurance FAQs

How should I make arrangements for my insurance when I stop practising as a dental nurse?

Depending on the circumstances, the insurer who provides the insurance on a claims-made basis up to the point when you stop practicing will offer you the option of purchasing ‘run-off’ cover. This provides you with peace of mind in the event of a claim being notified after you have ceased to practice or trade. Whilst this decision is down to individual choice, we would strongly recommend that you make arrangements to be continuously protected for your past treatments or services.

What happens to my policy if I go on maternity leave?

If you are due to go on maternity leave, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll speak with the insurer for you. We may be able to arrange extended cover, but please remember that it is not advisable to cancel your insurance during this time.

As a dental nurse, I’m normally covered by my practice - does this meet GDC requirements?

You would need to check with your practice manager, as although it may provide you with an element of cover, we have found that this does not always cover for GDC disciplinary hearings which is a requirement of the GDC.

To meet GDC guidelines, you need either a Medical Defence Organisation membership, professional indemnity insurance (either held by you or your employer) or NHS indemnity. Full information can be found on the GDC website.

Is there an excess on your dental nurse insurance policy?

No, there are no policy excess applicable to our dental nurse insurance.

How do I obtain a quotation for dental nurse insurance?

As we work on behalf of the insurer, we will require a completed proposal form to obtain an official quotation and once this has been acknowledged, you should receive a quotation within 24 hours.

How long does it take to receive a quote for dental nurse insurance?

Generally, we can provide a quotation within 24 hrs of an enquiry. Following your quotation and if you are happy to proceed, call us on 01438 739839 and we will set up your dental nurse insurance policy.

Do I need to complete all sections of the proposal form?

Yes - and be sure to include either a hand or electronic signature, as this will speed up the process.

Would you cover me if I have had previous claims?

Past history claims can be considered upon referral to our insurer.

Does Towergate’s insurance policy cover me as a locum or agency dental nurse?

Yes, we cover you as an individual, so you can work for multiple locations within the UK.

Do I need to notify you if I change dental practices?

No, we cover you as an individual and therefore you do not need to notify us if you change practices. Please note, however, that we can only cover you to work within the UK.

Am I covered for extended duties?

The policy will provide protection to you for your extended duties within the GDC scope of practice for dental nurses, for example: sedation and implantology would be fine if you were able to provide proof of training and qualification, should the insurer require this.

My friend or colleague took out a policy from Towergate but it was less or more expensive - why is my quote different?

All of our premiums are set by the insurer and are of a set rate for dental nurses. Our schedules, however, do not display our customer service charge for the administration of the policy. Please note that occasionally the insurer will assess a case individually, which could effect the premium.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Sorry, we cannot offer monthly Direct Debits on our medical indemnity for dental nurses insurance policy.

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