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Gurkha Family Medical Expenses Insurance

Our Gurkha family medical expenses insurance offers cover to serving Gurkha soldiers arranging medical expenses cover for visiting relatives.

  • Medical expenses including hospital and nursing home charges
  • Emergency dental treatment for the relief of pain
  • Transport from the scene of an incident to an appropriate medical facility

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Gurkha family medical expenses cover includes the following:

Emergency Dental Treatment

£1000 is provided by the policy towards dental treatment in case of emergency. For your relatives that’ll mean if they're in pain, the cost of treatment to stop the pain will be covered. Remember, you will need to pay the first £50 as your policy excess.

Military Medical Expenses

You'll be provided with up to £100,000 of military medical insurance expenses for your family members. This doesn't include times when they may injure themselves during activities such as rock climbing. Please check our policy wording below to see full conditions.

Gurkha Family Medical Expenses Insurance Claims

Claims on our Gurkha Family Medical policy are handled by Millstream Underwriting Limited who have a trained claims team on hand to assist you.

In all scenarios please provide Millstream with the original tickets, booking forms and receipts in order to support your claim.

If your claim relates to the cancellation of your trip the travel agent, tour operator, provider of transport or accommodation must be contacted immediately so you can obtain cancellation invoices.

If you become ill or are injured you must speak with the emergency medical assistance service before you cut your trip short.

You can call the Emergency Assistance Service on:

+44 (0) 20 7183 3756

Or if you need to make a claim call:

+44 (0) 845 643 2629

Alternatively you can contact them via email

The team are available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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Gurkha Family Medical Expenses Insurance FAQs

What is the maximum age my relative can be?

The maximum age is 70, if you or an insured family member will be turning 71 whilst visiting the UK, we won't be able to cover them.

Is there a minimum age?

There is no minimum age and children under two years get free cover, children aged between two and sixteen receive cover for half the price.

My relative has already arrived in the uk can I get cover?

We can only arrange cover whilst your relatives are in their home country.

Can I extend the cover for longer than 6 months?

Unfortunately not, the maximum length of cover we offer is 6 months.

We are having trouble getting a Visa, can I change the dates of my cover or cancel?

Certainly, before the policy starts we can amend the dates or cancel the cover at no cost to yourself. Once the cover has started we will not be able to change the start date.

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