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Small Business Owner Q&A in the Covid-19 Crisis: Digital Marketing Consultancy

Nina Christensen is a small business owner, who, like many others, has felt the impact of Covid-19. We spoke to Nina to find out how she and her business are coping with the current conditions.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your business?

My name is Nina Christensen - I am a mum of a three-year-old boy living in Suffolk and run a digital services agency.

What was your business before Covid-19 and how was it impacted?

Pre-crisis I was running and growing Strawberry Lemon Digital - a consultancy offering digital services including strategy, Google Ads and social media to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What are you doing now and where did you get the idea from?

I continue to provide digital marketing consultancy through Strawberry Lemon Digital, however I lost 70% of business in a space of two weeks and therefore needed to adapt.

I started Shop Suffolk ( in the first couple of weeks of the lockdown. Shop Suffolk is a website and community dedicated to showcasing Suffolk business. It was initially setup to highlight the businesses that are still operating despite the crisis and give consumers and space that they can easily find them. In the long term, I aim to encourage Suffolk folk to continue to shop local and help smaller Suffolk brands and businesses who may lack a marketing channel to have a digital space.

What has the reaction been so far? What’s going well?

The reaction to Shop Suffolk has been incredibly positive. There are now 200 businesses listed and growing each day and I’ve had great feedback from businesses and consumers. I am hopefully going to be having a well known Suffolk brand as one of the lead sponsors soon who are keen for a long term partnership which will help to continue to boost the project.

How important is having business insurance to you?

Having business insurance is very important for me to feel protected in the work that I do. Mistakes and accidents happen and as a sole trader it is vital that I know that my household and family would not be affected by a work issue.

Has the pandemic changed your view of insurance?

I think that the problem with the pandemic is that it was so very unexpected. Had I been offered income cover to pay out on such an event I would never have believed that it could or would happen. I think that insurance is crucial but you also have to be sensible as I could spend all of my income just to cover the ‘what-ifs’. That being said, I would now consider some form of income cover.

What are you most looking forward to when we are over Covid-19?

Gosh! The list is endless but the three main things:

  1. Giving my Mum a hug
  2. My son seeing his grandparents again
  3. A coffee and cake (or wine) with friends

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