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Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

Pumpkin Cat Costume

With Halloween around the corner and Christmas not too far behind, it’s time for everyone to get appropriately festive - and that includes your furry friends. We’ve pulled together some suggestions for cute cat and dog costumes you might want to try.

A ginger cat who has never been dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween is a cat whose potential has been wasted. Save the time you would spend carving a pumpkin into a lantern by putting your cat into a costume and making them the Halloween centrepiece instead.

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Hot Dog Cat Costume

Hot dog or hot cat? This particular cat seems oddly calm for a pet who has just been transformed into fast food. A large one-piece costume like this might be better for a cat that has a hard time sitting still, although you may struggle to put it on them in the first place...

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Pirate Cat Costume

The only thing deadlier than a pirate is a cat who has been forced to wear a costume. Luckily this is a simpler look with just a hat and an eye patch - though watch out because that means it is easier for a grumpy cat to take it off!

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Vampire Cat Costume

Cats and vampires have a lot in common - they love to go out at night, sleep during the day and have very pointy teeth. You might find out just how sharp those teeth are while trying to put your cat into this costume, but we think the cute result is worth it.

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Bat Cat Costume

Another simple cat costume idea that will instantly get your feline friend looking appropriate for the spooky season. Fortunately these bat wings will not allow cats to be able to fly, because we think some of them might become annoyed at being forced to dress up for human entertainment.

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Witch Cat Costume

You’ve heard of witches’ cats, but what about making your cat the witch this time? A witch’s pointed hat is a simple, easy accessory to get your cat looking festive for Halloween.

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Ghost Dog Costume

For something quick and easy this Halloween, dress up your dog with a simple sheet to get them looking spooky. This is particularly ideal for financially-savvy owners with dogs who may chew up anything you have spent money on.

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Spider Dog Costume

Turn your canine companion into a creepy-crawly with this one-piece spider costume.

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Doctor Dog Costume

At first glance it might not seem a particularly scary choice, but we think the idea of a dog doing surgery is a frightening prospect – ‘terrify’ your neighbours by implying that your furry friend is a medical professional with this ‘doctor dog’ costume! After all, dogs do know a lot about bones…

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Dragon Dog Costume

You may have a small dog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big. Make your furry little friend look like a great dragon of legend with this adorable costume.

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Wizard Dog Costume

Send your pup to ‘Dogwarts’ with this easy wizard dog costume. Casting spells might be a bit hard for a wizard who barks rather than speaks, but we think this Halloween dog outfit still looks magical.

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Angel and Devil Dog Costumes

Pick the appropriate costume from these two options based on whether your pup has truly been a “good dog”. These Halloween looks are cheap and simple with just knotted sheets and headbands, and if you have two dogs you could even try out the two together!

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