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Top Photography Locations in the UK

Top photography locations in the UK

One of the draws of photography is the opportunities it offers to capture the variety and unpredictability of the landscape. The UK is fortunate to have a wide range of scenic landscapes awaiting any photographer, from someone with a camera phone, to digital SLR users with the patience to set up a perfect long-exposure shot. Whether you are drawn to rugged shores, ancient forests or historic cities there are many places that offer excellent places to visit for photography locations no matter the weather or time of year.

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Top photography locations in Northern Ireland

Visiting the north coast of Northern Ireland offers a series of breathtaking views at any time of year. It is of course famous for the World Heritage site at the Giant’s Causeway. But the dramatic shoreline contains many dramatic and rugged beaches ideal for landscape photography. If you are looking for some specialised photography locations for long exposure shots then Holywood, a small seaside town, has several small jetties that are ideal in any clear weather.

A specific location worth adding to your travel itinerary is Ballintoy Harbour, found in the picturesque village of Ballintoy situated 17 miles north-east of Coleraine. This small fishing harbour is at the end of a small narrow steep road down Knocksaughey Hill, which passes by the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. This location is another famous top photography spot in its own right.

 Ballintoy Harbour

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Top photography spots in Scotland

The countless iconic landscapes throughout Scotland mean many photographers plan their next visit even whilst still touring the country. In recent years the awe-inspiring North Coast 500 driving route has become increasingly popular. A short drive from Inverness is the spectacular Loch Torridon. With its mirror-like surface, and surrounding mountains such as the captivating Beinn Eighe, it is the ideal spot for a memorable photographic journey. 

Further south, and globally famous, Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline and its ramparts offer any photographer the chance to take in the historic city with its gothic architecture. Similarly, wandering in the cobble-stoned Grassmarket area or walking up to Arthur’s Seat in the afternoon also provide ideal photographic locations. 

 Loch Torridon

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Top photography spots in Southern England: Jurassic Coast, Dorset

Corfe Castle, Dancing Ledge and Swanage Pier are just some of the iconic views that beckon photographers to visit the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. However, nearby on the northern side of what is in fact a peninsula lies the notably more tranquil Arne.

Rich with deciduous woodlands, ancient meadow and heathlands; it is also the location of a thriving RSPB reserve for those interested bird photography.  So, whilst an iconic shot of the heritage railway at Corfe Castle is a must, it is also worth travelling to this diverse landscape with its panoramic views. 

 Arne, Dorset

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Top photography locations in South West England

Exmoor National Park is a remote and ancient landscape stretching from deep rural Somerset along the coast to North Devon Coast. As such, photographers are afforded many opportunities to capture this remote landscape of steep cliffs, forests and moorland. 

One of Exmoor’s many gems is the scenic fishing village of Clovelly. Its cobbled roads and narrow pathways give way to an abrupt drop down to the historic harbour. On a midsummer’s day, the scene of the bright ocean set against the quintessentially Devonian cottages is ideal for any camera to capture. 

For a truly unique Exmoor top photography location, there is arguably nowhere better than the Valley of the Rocks. The roads from the nearby towns of Lynton and Lynmouth wind towards this steep v-shaped valley with glimpses of the ocean in the distance. The jagged rocky outcrops once offered excellent lookout points to check ships on the incoming ride; nowadays they serve as the perfect location to set out a tripod to capture this timeless view.

Ballintoy Harbour

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Top photography locations in The Midlands

Spanning over 3000 acres, the Malvern Hills form a north-south range about 14km (9 miles) long, and they are one of the most popular landscape photography locations in the Midlands. It can involve a vigorous climb to the craggy outcrops and panoramic viewpoint of Worcestershire Beacon. In the distance, looking south towards Herefordshire Beacon gives any photographer to take in the same impressions of the landscape that inspired Tolkien when he walked here in the 1950s. 

Cared for by the National Trust, the Clent Hills offer stunning views over the Shropshire Hills, Welsh Borders and Cotswolds. Walks through the Nimmings Wood also offer further opportunities for close-up wildlife photography and the many species of trees.  

 Clent Hills

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Top photography locations in South Wales: The Pembrokeshire Coast

Although it has experienced a growing number of visitors in recent years, many areas of Pembrokeshire are still something of a well-kept secret for landscape photography. Local residents rightly boast that this region has some of the most striking coastal sunsets in the UK.

One such location is located to the north at Broad Haven. It boasts many striking rock formations and tidal pools that offer the chance to trial reflective photographic shots. This location also offers excellent conditions for taking photographs during the ‘Golden Hour’ when the beach is quiet and the quick transition of light means each frame is given a new look.

For those interested in sunrise photography then a perfect location is found at Carew Castle and Tidal Mill. At certain times of the year a light layer of mist, and frosty glass will utterly transform this landscape, making it just as beautiful as in the summer.


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Top photography spots in North Wales: Snowdonia National Park

Since the earliest days of domestic tourism people have travelled to this region of Wales for inspiring mountain climbs, picturesque river rambles and all-day coastal hiking. Nowadays, it is thankfully much easier to reach top photography spots such as Ogwen, Llyn Gwynant and Tall-y-Llyn. Tall-y-Llyn Lake, with Cadair Idris rising above, is ideal for snapping autumn foliage. Also, seeing the changing sky reflected in the clear lake surface is a must for any early summer afternoon.


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Photography insurance from Towergate

Whether you are seeking out a scenic panoramic view or photographing a familiar city scene, it is important to check you have appropriate insurance for your camera and any other equipment.

Photography insurance can range from protecting your favourite camera, to covering your business and livelihood. Towergate Camerasure can provide cover to suit your needs. For more information, visit our dedicated photography insurance page or call us on 01489 770340 to speak to a specialist adviser.

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About the author

Hayley Luxford has over 25 years’ experience in the commercial insurance sector with the majority of her experience as a respected professional specialising in photography, video and media insurance for multimedia businesses, professional photographers and enthusiasts.