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Jet Ski Insurance

Key benefits of our jet ski insurance include:

  • A dedicated team from quotes to claims
  • Discounts for no claims, RYA course and approved club membership
  • If your jet ski is CE registered, we cover any horse power and speed

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Features of our jet ski insurance

Public liability

All three levels of our jet ski insurance policy include public liability cover, in case you damage or injure other people or their property. If you were travelling too quickly in a congested area and were to crash into a jetty, public liability cover insures you up to £3 million for the repair of said jetty. This won’t extend to repairs on your jet ski, but our Gold level insurance includes accidental damage cover too. Please note, we’re not able to cover this for commercial use.

Theft from home or away

At your storage location and while in transit, Silver and Gold policies cover theft provided you take some simple precautions. We recommend storing your jet ski in a locked building but can sometimes cover alternative locations if you ask us. Importantly, we will not cover for jet skis stolen whilst afloat and unattended so be cautious. In transit we ask for a wheel clamp or hitch lock to be fitted to the trailer when unattended but if theft still occurs and you’ve included both on your policy, we will reimburse you for your trailer and jet ski too.

Cover for water skiers’ liability

We’re able to provide optional cover for liability to you or anyone being towed on water skis, mono-skis and knee-boards. Cover can be added for just £25 - however, we’re only able to cover one person being towed at any time.

Personal accident

We provide death or injury cover for you and your family for when accidents occur. We do ask that you wear a 'kill cord' at all times: this is essential for your safety and to keep your insurance valid. This is optional on our Silver and Gold policies and can be added for just over £5.

We like to make it easy for you to choose the right personal watercraft insurance policy.

Compare our levels of cover in a glance using this handy table.
  Bronze Silver Gold
Discounts for club membership and relevant qualifications
No-claim discount (up to 25%)
Public liability
Fire and theft
Weather events
Personal accident (optional)
Accidental damage (including to underwater objects)

See more in our video guides to jet ski cover.

These are just some of the key features and exclusions, full details will be found in your policy wording. Show policy documents

Jet Ski Insurance Claims

We want to make sure that your claim is dealt with the utmost care so you can get back out on the water with confidence as soon as possible.

Photographs of any damage will help your claim along too so try to grab a few snaps to send us.

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Get tips and advice from our industry experts to ensure you get the most value out of your jet ski insurance.

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Jet Ski Insurance FAQs

What security do I need to cover my trailer in transit?

When you are towing your jet ski with a trailer, if you have to stop and leave the jet ski and trailer unattended, we require either a hitch lock or a wheel clamp to be fitted to the trailer. We also ask that a hardened steel chain is fitted to the jet ski at all times to keep it secured to the trailer. If you would like to insure the trailer itself you can do so, just add the value of the trailer to your total sum insured.

How old do I have to be to insure a jet ski?

We can insure those under the age of 18 on our jet ski insurance policy but there are some stipulations. Those aged between 14 and 21 must be named on the policy as an additional driver and have a RYA JET SKI course qualification.

Please call us if you wish to insure anyone with in this age group, to make sure we have all details.

Can you cover water toys and towing?

Provided you have no more than two people being towed at a time, we can cover a number of different water toys and types of water skier; you just need to let us know to add the cover for you. We cannot cover toys such as banana boats and air chairs for towing, and we generally exclude cover for more than two people being towed at any one time.

Can I add racing cover for my jet ski?

We do not cover jet skis that are used for racing.

Can I pay for my jet ski insurance in instalments?

If you would prefer to spread the cost of your policy you have the option of setting up a direct debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our regulatory information.

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