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Lifestyle Excess Insurance

Protect the excess of your home, motor, travel and even pet insurance with one policy.

  • Three levels of excess cover for residents of the UK and the Isle of Man
  • Motor excess cover for all named drivers over 18 years old
  • Claim an unlimited number of times (up to the maximum reimbursement limit)

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What does lifestyle excess insurance cover?

One policy to cover multiple excesses

Our lifestyle excess insurance policy covers your home, motor, pet and travel insurance excesses under one single policy. Please note, however, that we can only cover private policies (not commercial).

Multiple claims

We can only reimburse you up to the maximum reimbursement limit shown in your insurance certificate, but you are welcome to claim more than once during the period of cover if it falls within that limit.

Worldwide cover

To qualify for this lifestyle excess insurance product, you must be resident in the UK or the Isle of Man. However, cover extends to cover incidents that occur anywhere in the world (excluding Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Region of Crimea, Sudan and Syria).

Buy now, start your policy later

You can take out a policy up to 364 days before to the date you want your policy to start. Your policy will run for a 12-month period from your selected start date. This means that you can make sure that your other insurance policies (e.g. home insurance) start dates align.

Find the right level of lifestyle excess insurance cover for you using this handy table.
  Bronze Silver Gold
Cost £45 per year £55 per year £65 per year
Cover limit Up to £250 Up to £500 Up to £750

Lifestyle Excess Insurance Claims

Claiming is easy, you'll be assisted by an expert claims handling service provided by AIG. All you need to do is use the following details:

insurance4carhire, Embankment West Tower, 101 Cathedral Approach, Salford, M3 7FB

For more information, you can also visit

Lifestyle Excess Insurance FAQs

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim on your insurance policy. Generally, the larger the excess the lower your insurance premium. An excess can also be known as a 'deductible'.

What is excess insurance?

Excess insurance protects the excess amount you are responsible for in the event of a claim.

For example: if you buy your motor insurance policy with an excess of £500, and you have an accident that causes £2,000 worth of damage to your car; the insurer would settle your claim at £1,500. So that’s £2,000 less your £500 excess.

By taking out a lifestyle excess reimbursement insurance policy, you can protect yourself against some or all of the excess charges from your home, motor, pet or travel policies, depending on the level of excess reimbursement cover you select.

How does an Insure4Excess policy work?

Insure4Excess reimbursement policies can protect the excess you are responsible for in the event of a claim. In the event of a claim you will need to pay the excess to your insurance company first and then claim this back on your Insure4Excess policy.

What level of excess cover should I choose?

You should check the amount of excess you are liable for on your insurance policies and choose your level of cover accordingly.

How can I cancel my lifestyle excess insurance policy?

You have a 14 day cancellation period to cancel your lifestyle excess insurance policy, provided that no claims have been made. You can either email our customer service team at or call them on 0344 892 1432.

How can I make a claim on my lifestyle excess insurance policy?

You should notify our claims team once you have received the final settlement of your insurance claim. The claims team will issue you with a claims form and they will advise you of all the necessary documents you will need to support your claim. More information can be found by visiting our claims page, where you can also download a claims form.

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